Certificate No. 826/97 FCI by 20 june 1997

Owner of prefix: Evgenia Vanjukova
Sankt-Petersbourg, Russia

Map of Kola peninsula

Mohnatoe Chudo is Best kennel of National Briard Club 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 years. Dogs of our breeding win shows of National Briard Club 2001-1004. Dogs of kennel have more than 30 CACIBs, 13 Champions of Russia, 10 titles "Champions of Russian Briardclub".
I think I need tell you that Mohnatoe Chudo is not usual kennel as majoriti of european kennel. Soon its a club. This are some friends who lives in diferent cities in Russia.
Briards have appeared in Russia at the end of 1980th years. These were spontaneously delivered dogs from the countries of the East Europe - DDR, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary...
Antarika No Egan Ozolini became the founder of kennel, she was born in Russia in 92 year and she belonged to Evgenia Vanjukova. Antarika has the imbreeding 3-3 for Ch.Pol Cmec du Pasha'Moor, who was taken out from France. In 97 year Antarika was matting in Poland with one of the best on that moment Polish reproductor Erik Apoll Bis Sun-Flo-wer, who is the son of Emir du Chalet du Gardien (Ungar 3-4 and Neron+Nabishe 2-4) and grandson of Cmec. The litter was successful, inbr for Cmec 3-4,4. 4 dogs from 10 puppies (Apollo, Amadeus, Agressia and Abigal) have champion titles. 3 males - Apollo, Amadeus and Armani - were used as reproductors.
Two litters of 1998 out from Apollo became a basis Murmansk livestock and have filled up Karelian livestock of briards.
The litter "B" in Kirovsk (Murmansk area): the mother is Desimon Emmanuel (NuocMam+Neige 5-6), she is the daughter of Ch.Rus Dior de Cadeau d'Alzace, she born in Ryzan, her owner is Elena Kozlova. 2 females from this litter were used in breeding: Barbarella Babetta.
Barbarella was matting in 2003 with black son of Agassi - Damian Dalido (Rubis 5,5,5-4, Dega 4-3, Daysa 5-3,4), in the litter "A" de la Silence Blanche: Neron 6-6.
Babetta was matting in 2002 with a male of russian breeding Atfontess.
Litter "V" in Murmansk: the mother Bingalia ot Egan Ozolini (she is the daugter of Antarika's sister Ch.Rus Alligory, inbreeding in thise litter for "A" Egan Ozolini 2-2, + imbr. for Rubis's parents - NuocMam+Neige 6-6), owner of Bingalia is Inna Artjukhova. In thise litter have 4 champions (VotrenRevu, VizheGiliom, VadieAlexis VilionFrançoisa).
3 females have used in breeding in Murmansk, by one litter from every.
ValansMari was matting in 2001 with black male Petit Nobless Xilomon Xakoff, import from Finland (inbr. Rubis 4-5,5, Ungar 5-5, a names in the litter by "U").
VadieAlexis was matting in 2001 with Fan z Wiezy Jaskolki, import from Poland (Rubis 5-5, litter "G" ot Magik Flame, inbreeding in litter for Cmec: 3-5,6,6,6).
VilionFrançoisa was matting in 2002 with Eliot z Krainy Mgiel, import from Poland (Orfou 4,5-5,6,6, Ungar 6,6,6,6-6, Musso 5-5 etc., the litter "D" ot Magik Flame: Neron+Nabiche - 6-6).
Children of these females make now of young livestock of Murmansk briards.
Next litter of Mohnatoe Chudo is "G" in StPetersbourg. In 2000 Agressia (owner Elena Zaitchenko) was matting in Czech Republic with black multichampion Agassi Nadina (Rubis 4;4-4, Ungar 5;5-5;5 etc). From 10 puppies of thise litter (all black) 4 dogs have the champion title, they are used in breeding.
Gelios is the father of the litters "E" Mohnatoe Chudo (the mother is Desimon Emmanuel),
and Greynvil is the father of "A" Sozvesdie Yugal (the mother is Mohnatoe Chudo Amanda).
Garmonia, who lives in Latvia, have 10 black and fawn puppies from Ch.World etc Voodoo du Noble Nid (imbreeding in the litter Neron+Nabiche 6,6-6, Rubis 4-6,6,6).
Since 2000 we have 3 litters out from Apollo and female Ch.Rus Blondi s Beregov Oki (owner is Olga Pokidysheva, Moscow), she is the daughter of Kirmix Kir Royal (Lex 4-5, Ungar 5,5-5), import from Finland. Second litter from thise parents (2002) has received the prefix Mohnatoe Chudo, 3 dogs have champions titles: Dafna - Ch.Inter,Rus,Bye, JCh.Rus&Club, Dorian - JCh.Club & Dunkan McLeod - Ch.Rus,Bye, JCh.Rus&Club.
Now we have in Russia out from Apollo 67 puppies.
In 2002 from Belgium kennel le Champ d'Ardoye Elena Kozlova has brought fawn female Beauté, owner of Beauté is Julia Golynia (StPetersbourg). Beauté have imbreeding for Rashida 2-3, Quemao 3-4, Dinamo 4-4, total for Ouill 5,5,5,6,6-5,6,6,7, Neron+Nabiche 6,6,6,7,7-6,7,7, Orfou 5,6-6,6,7, NuocMam 6,6,7-6,6,7, Rubis 7-6,6,7, and finale Ungar 7,7,7,7,7,7-7,7,7,7,7,7. Now Beauté is Ch.Rus & Ch.Rus.Briardclub
In co-ownership there are the females Monika and Emmanuel. For Bingalia, Agressia and Blondi were legalized temporary co-ownership.

The litter "Mohnatoe Chudo" (Russian alfabet - A,B,V,G,D,E,J,Z,I,K...)
"A" - 21.04.97, Erik Apoll Bis Sun-Flo-Wer x Antarika No Egan Ozolini, StPetersbourg
  5 males: Amadeus (StPetersbourg), Ajvengo (d.2002), Angelo, Armani (Moscow), Apollo (Murmansk area)
  5 females: Abigal (in Moscow), Agressia (StPb), Amanda (StPb), Alanso (Latvia), Ariel (Astrahan')
"B" - 28.10.98, Apollo Mohnatoe Chudo x Emmanuel Desimon, Murmansk region
  4 males: Bolivar (Petrozavodsk), Bilbao, Badjio, Barokko (Murmansk)
  4 females: Barbarella (Murmansk), Boniel (Ukraine), Babetta (Petrozavodsk), Beatriche (d.99)
"V" - 02.11.98, Apollo Mohnatoe Chudo x Bingalia ot Egan Ozolini, Murmansk
  3 males: VigeGiliom, VotrenRevju, VernioEtien (all in Murmansk)
  6 females: ValansMari, VilionFrançoisa, VadieAlexis, VadeJazi (all in Murmansk), and 3 girls d.98
"G" - 10.11.00, Agassi Nadina x Agressia Mohnatoe Chudo, StPeterburg
  6 males: Geynsboro (d.2002), Gladiator Gay, Greynvil, Gamilton, Garvison (StPb), Gelios (Murmansk area)
  4 females: Garmonia (Latvia), Gwendolen, Gressia (StPetersbourg), Galateja (Ural)
"D" - 9.05.02, Apollo Mohnatoe Chudo x Blondi s Beregov Oki, Moscow
  4 males: Dunkan McLeod, Dorian, Dendy (all in Moscow), Danchill (Tatarstan)
  2 females: Dafna (Pskov), Delamen Delta (Moscow)
"E" - 18.07.03, Gelios Mohnatoe Chudo x Emmanuel de Simon, Murmansk area
  2 males: Egory (Murmansk) and Euripid (N.Novgorod area)

National shows of National Briard Club of Russia (all in Moscow)
a pictures from shows and results of dogs of kennel
clubshow 2007 , judge J.DeBrouwer
clubshow 2006 , judge C.Comby
clubshow 2005 , judge P.Jacoulot
clubshow 2004 , judge C.DeBrouwer
clubshow 2003 , judge C.James
clubshow 2002 , judge M.Santopietro

Mohnatoe Chudo Apollo: B
Mohnatoe Chudo Gelios: B
Mohnatoe Chudo DunkanMcLeod: A
Mohnatoe Chudo Dafna: B
Mohnatoe Chudo VadieAlexis: B
Mohnatoe Chudo VilionFrançoisa: C
Beaute du Champ d'Ardoye: B/C
Monika: D
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