Dafna, Pskov, 3.06.06, photo: Hvoinsky, 400x350p, 30kb  Dafna, Pskov, 3.06.06, photo: Hvoinsky, 400x350p, 28kb  Dafna, Pskov, 3.06.06, photo: Hvoinsky, 401x350p, 30kb

Mohnatoe Chudo DAFNA

9.05.2002 - 13.10.2014
Champion of Russia, Byelorussia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, RKF
Young Champion of Russia
Young Champion of National Briardclub
father: Int.Ch Mohnatoe Chudo Apollo, HD-B
mother: Ch.Rus Blondi s Beregov Oki, HD-B
br. Vanyukova & Pokidysheva, ow. Nikolaj Hvoinsky, Pskov - Russia
The pedigree RKF1327389
see also the photoalboom Dafna

dateshowresultjudgekm to home
6.10.02Pskov, regional CACBest baby of show, CW -
1.12.02StPetersbourg, regional briardshowBest puppy, CWKuleshova (Rus)274
17.05.03Petrozavodsk (Karelia), regional briardshowBest junior, CYChCl, CWI.Baranova (Rus)675
17.05.03Petrozavodsk, national CACBest junior, CWN.Sedych (Rus)675
1.06.03Pskov, national CACBest junior, CWNikitin (Rus)-
8.06.03Moscow, national show of Briardclub2ex in junior-class, CYChClC.Janes (Aus)690
15.06.03V.Novgorod, regional CACBest junior, CWZhitkova (Rus)260
21.06.03V.Novgorod, reg CACBest junior, CWBaûzhes (Rus)260
21.06.03V.Novgorod, reg briardshowBest junior, CW, CYChClRadyuk (Belor)260
24.08.03V.Novgorod, CACIBBOB, Best female, CACIB, CAC, CW interm clPolivanov (Rus)260
4.10.03Pskov, reg CACvgRakhmaninova (Rus)-
23.11.03StPetersbourg, nat CACCAC, CW interm cl, 1ExIvanisheva (Rus)270
23.11.03StPetersbourg, regional briardshowCW interm cl, CC, 1ExHomasuridze (Rus)270
23.05.04Moscow, national show of BriardclubEx in open class
IPO-1-B&C: 2nd place
C.DeBrouwer (Fra)690
5.06.04Pskov, reg CACBOB, Best female, CAC, CW, 1exTchistiakova (Rus)-
13.07.04V.Novgorod, national CAC-showRCAC, 2ex open classGorbatchevsky (Rus)260
28.08.04Pskov, CACIB-showCAC, CW, 1ex open classG.Eva (RSA)-
22.05.05Moscow, national show of Briardclub2Ex & CC in open class
IPO-1-C: 70 points & 2nd place, BH - 1er place
P.Jacoulot (Fra)690
18.06.05Pskov, IPO qualificationIPO-1: A-77, B-82, C-83M.Polivanov (Rus)-
19.06.05Pskov, reg CAC-showBIS-3, BIG, BOB, Best female, CAC, CW open, 1exM.Polivanov (Rus)-
17.07.05Minsk, Byelorussia, CACIB-showBOB, Best female, CACIB, CAC, CW open, 1exS.Zhouk (Bye)500
31.07.05Ternopol, Ukraine, CAC-showBOB, Best female, CAC, CW open, 1exS.Slukin (Ukr)1200
21.08.05V.Novgorod, CACIB-showRCACIB, CAC, CW champ., 1exS.Shinko (Slo)260
28.08.05Pskov, CACIB-showBIG-2, BOB, Best female, CACIB, Ch.RKF, CAC, CW champ., 1exP.Stenton (Swe), M.Sunde (Dk)-
3.06.06Pskov, reg CAC-showBIG-3, BOB, Best female, CAC, CW, 1exBaûzhes (Rus)-
5.08.06Vilnus - Lithuania, CACIB-showBest female, CACIB, CAC, CW (cham.), 1exPiotr Sliwka (Pol)580
13.08.06Ozolnieke - Latvia, CACIB-showBest female, CACIB, CAC, CW (cham.), 1exSeamus Oates (Irl)480
27.08.06Pskov, CACIB-showRCACIB, CAC, CW, 1exTamara Sormont (Blr)-

The physical data
height62slanting lenght71
lenght of head25,5(14,5/11)head in circumference47
width of breast20chest in circumference74
bitescissorswrist in circumference12
HD-B - cert.No 8896, 06.08.2006, RKF
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