Agassi, 252x240p, 21kb

Agassi Nadina

Champion of Czehy, Slovakia, Austria, Poland
Best reproductor of Czech. BriardClub' 02
Best foreign reproductor of Polish BriardClub' 00
22.03.95 - 4.12.05, IPO-1, SchH-A, HD.0
father: Ch.Bel,Ger,Lux,VDH,WW-94 Onasis du Clos des Cedres
mother: IntCh. Consuela Vigo
br. Nadja Stralkova (Czechy), ow. Daniela Svatosova (Czechy)
See more information on site of kennel "Dalido"

10.11.01 Ch. Mohnatoe Chudo Agressiaborn 10 black puppies out from Agassi. On our site you can see: Ch.Gelios, Ch.Geynvil, Ch.Gwendolen, Ch.Garmonia
The pedigree of the puppies "G" Mohnatoe Chudo

The parents of Agassi: Consuela and Onasis
Consuela Vigo, 250x191p, 10kb  Onasis du Clos des Cedres, 278x272, 29kb  Onasis du Clos des Cedres, 250x207, 16kb
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