Dunkan, 26.06.04, StPeterburg, photo: Trubina, 400x350p, 58kb  Dunkan, 26.06.04, StPeterburg, photo: Bryzgalov, 400x310p, 59kb  Dunkan, 23.11.03, StPeterburg, regional show of Briardclub, photo: Bryzgalov, 400x272p, 29kb


Champion of Russia & Byelorussia
Young Champion of Russia, Young Champion of Briardclub
father: Int.Ch Mohnatoe Chudo Apollo, HD-B
mother: Ch.Rus Blondi s Beregov Oki, HD-B
b.9.05.02, br. Vanyukova & Pokidysheva, ow. Alexej Bryzgalov, Moscow
The pedigree
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dateshowresultjudgekm to home
22.03.03Ryazan, regional show of briardclubBest junior-male, CW, CYChClNikitin (Rus)200
09.05.03Moscow, reg CACBest junior, CWSherbakova (Rus)-
08.06.03Moscow, national show of briardclub4ex in junior classC.Janes (Aus)-
14.06.03Tver, reg CACBest junior, CWTrofimova (Rus)170
21.06.03V.Novgorod, reg CACBest junior-male, CWBauzhes (Rus)520
21.06.03V.Novgorod, reg show of briardclubBest junior-male, CW, CYChClS.Radyuk (Belor)520
23.11.03StPetersbourg, nat CACvgV.Ivanicheva (Rus)720
23.11.03StPetersbourg, regional show of briardclubCW interm cl, CC, 1ExR.Homasuridze (Rus)720
09.05.04Moscow, reg CACBest male, CAC, CW, 1ExE.Kuplyauskas (Rus)-
23.05.04Moscow, National Show of Briardclub2Ex in open classC.DeBrouwer (Fra)-
13.06.04Vladimir, reg CACBest male, CAC, CW & 1Ex in open classDruzhinina (Rus)150
24.07.04Tula, regional CAC-showCW, 1Ex in open classMaslennikova (Rus)150
22.08.04V.Novgorod, regional show of briardclubCW, CC, 1Ex in open classI.Baranova (Rus)520
22.08.04V.Novgorod, CACIB-showCW, 1Ex in open classS.Zhouck (Bye)520
28.08.04Pskov, CACIB-showBest male, CACIB, CAC, CW, 1Ex in open classGreg Eva (RSA)690
12.12.04StPeterburg, CACIB-show "Nevsky Winner"v.g. in open cl.O.Staunskjer (Dan)720
12.12.04StPeterburg, regional show of briardclubEx in open cl.Chtchepetova (Rus)720
9.05.05Moscow, reg.CAC-show "Yauza"Best male, CAC, CW, 1ExTchistiakova (Rus)-
22.05.05Moscow, national show of Briardclub2Ex & CC in class of winnersP.Jacoulot (Fra)-
17.07.05Minsk, Byelorussia, CACIB-showBest male, CACIB, CAC, CW open, 1exS.Zhouck (Bye)725
28.08.05Pskov, ŅĀŅIB-showv.g. in champ.cl.P.Stenton (Swe)690

The physical data (24 months)
height66,5slanting lenght77
lenght of head27head in circumference45
width of breast16chest in circumference74
wrist in circumference12,5  
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