23 May 2004, Moscow
National show of Russian Briardclub
Judge: Corinne De Brouwer (France)
46 briards participated

The winners of adult classes:
champions: Eliotte z Krainy Mgiel (Leho des Pitr'Engoele x Noblet du Moulin d'Eau)
working: Mohnatoe Chudo Dorian (Mohnatoe Chudo Apollo x Blondi s Beregov Oki)
intermedia: Beauté du Champ d'Ardoye (Zogueros du Champ d'Ardoye x Zhadore du Champ d'Ardoye)
winners: Monika (Mohnatoe Chudo Apollo x Blondi s Beregov Oki)
working: Capri Batangas (Taiko du Champ d'Ardoye x Mita z Pierwzej Ligi)
champions: Mohnatoe Chudo Gwendolen (Agassi Nadina x Mohnatoe Chudo Agressia)

In other adult classes there are not a winners. There are no an arrangenent of winners of classes for best male or female. All winners of classes have received the title Candidat in Champion of Club (now in Russia = CAC) and CC (certificate of conformite), best male and female has received the title Champion of Club
so, best male is Eliotte, best female is Monika
BOB and Cup of Jari Pellas - Monika
Cup of Jari - it's big passing cup for dog who has won BOB on national show of Russian Briardclub from 2001. If a dog has won this show 3 time - this cup will his for ever. Monika is BOB second time (first time in 2002)

winners of younger classes
best puppy of show - Faeton O'Nao Nacambel (OPtitLoup de la Chaume du Bois Dieu x Naomi Jesed)
best puppy-female - Fines Favorit Sharlotta (Sage du Moulin d'Eau x Epsie z Krainy Mgiel)
best junior of show - Charodei Benedetto Orlando (Ottone del Bel Pastur x Roba da Pazzi del Bel Pastur)
best junior-female - Anzhelina (Mohnatoe Chudo Apollo x Blondi s Beregov Oki)
best juniors has received the title Young Champion of Club

other nominations
Best black female - Mohnatoe Chudo Gwendolen (Agassi Nadina x Mohnatoe Chudo Agressia)
Best black male - Grande (O'Persej Chif x Magnolia Darell Han Bonanza)
Best veteran - Blondi s Beregov Oki (Kirmix Kir Royl x Desirej Adel)
Best kennel - Mohnatoe Chudo (4th time)
Best reproductor-male - Eliotte z Krainy Mgiel
Best litter - "A" out from Mohnatoe Chudo Apollo and Blondi s Beregov Oki, b.07.07.03

show-results of our other dogs:
Mohnatoe Chudo Dunkan McLeod - ex in open class of males
Mohnatoe Chudo Dafna - ex in open class of females

Working competitions:

1. Capri Batangas
2. Mohnatoe Chudo Dafna
3. Monika

Competition on the best detention of the disturber (from Ring)
1. Fortunaty (Blondi's son)
2. Capri Batangas
3. Epsie z Krainy Mgiel

Well, we have received 4 CChCl from 6, BOB, Best kennel... good show for Mohnatoe Chudo :)), and complete results of show you can see on the page "Shows". You can see also oficial complete results and a photos of all participants on web-site of Russian Briardclub.

Monika - BOB, her breeder Olga Pokidysheva, the judge Corinne Debrouwer and the Cup of Jari Pellas, photo: Volkova, 400x400p, 40kb  Monika - BOB, photo: Bryzgalov, 270x300p, 27kb  Monika - BOB, photo: Bryzgalov, 290x244p, 27kb  Monika - BOB, photo: Moskovchuk, 370x300p, 31kb
Monika & Eliotte, photo: Bryzgalov, 400x267p, 34kb  Monika & Eliotte, photo: Moskovchuk, 600x344p, 56kb
Beaute & Monika, ring for Best female, photo: Moskovchuk, 400x382p, 52kb  Capri & Gwendolen, ring for Best female, photo: Moskovchuk, 436x300p, 43kb
Mohnatoe Chudo Gwendolen - 1st place in champions class, photo: Moskovchuk, 350x288p, 20kb  Epsie z Krainy Mgiel - 2nd place in champions class, photo: Moskovchuk, 300x300p, 31kb  Kamelotta - 3rd place in champions class, photo: Moskovchuk, 320x300p, 26kb
Beaute du Champ d'Ardoye - 1st palce in intermedia class, photo: Bryzgalov, 310x300p, 21kb  Beaute, photo: Bryzgalov, 350x285p, 17kb  Beaute on character testing, photo: Moskovchuk, 266x300p, 23kb  Beaute on character testing, photo: Moskovchuk, 288x345p, 23kb
Mohantoe Chudo Dorian - 1st place in working class, 300x413p, 33kb  Amb & Grande - 2nd & 3rd places in champions class, photo: Moskovchuk, 500x240p, 35kb
Blondi s Beregov Oki - Best veteran, photo: Volkova, 370x280p, 28kb  Faeton Nacambel - Best puppy, photo: Moskovchuk, 300x300p, 27kb  Fortunati - winner of working competition for Best detention, photo: Moskovchuk, 300x238p, 22kb
Best kennel Mohnatoe Chudo
Children of Best reproductor Eliotte

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