21th May 2006, Moscow (Ordyntsy)
National Show of Russian Briardclub
judge: Cristiane Comby (Swiss)
36 briards participated

results of "Mohnatoe Chudo":
working males: CChCl, 1exc, CC - Mohnatoe Chudo Dorian Maximilian (Mohnatoe Chudo Apollo x Blondi s Beregov Oki)
working females: CChCl, 1exc, CC - Monika (Mohnatoe Chudo Apollo x Blondi s Beregov Oki)
champions females: Best fawn female, CChCl, 1exc, CC - Beauté du Champ d'Ardoye (Zogueros du Champ d'Ardoye x Zhadore du Champ d'Ardoye)

also team Briard.RU:
Mon Ami pour Toujours Elliot (Linn) - v.g. in intermedia males
Darsi du Pont de la Sambre - CChCl, 1exc, CC in open males
complete results on the page "show", pictures on web-site of Club

Winners of the show & new Champions of Club:
BOB, Best male & Cup of Boondookc's - Aragon Badria's Darling (Ekaterinbourg)
Best female - Quin of the Dark della Val del Foglia (Moscow)
From 36 briards - 25 estimations "excelent"/"very perspective"
CChCl - candidat in champion of club, CC - certificate of conformite. Cup of Boondookc's - the passing cup for BOB.

working competitions:
Best detention (5 dogs):
1. Ts'Magistr
2. Monika
3. Vermeil de la Chaume du Bois Dieu
OKD (2 dogs)
1. Darsi du Pont de la Sambre

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