22th May 2005, Moscow
National show of Russian Briardclub
Judge: Patrick Jacoulot (France)
38 briards participated

Mohnatoe Chudo results:
winners cl: 2ex, CC - Mohnatoe Chudo Dunkan McLeod (Mohnatoe Chudo Apollo x Blondi s Beregov Oki)
working cl: 2ex, CC - Mohnatoe Chudo Dorian Maximilian (Mohnatoe Chudo Apollo x Blondi s Beregov Oki)
open cl: CChCl, CW, 1ex, CC - Beauté du Champ d'Ardoye (Zogueros du Champ d'Ardoye x Zhadore du Champ d'Ardoye)
2ex, CC - Mohnatoe Chudo Dafna (Mohnatoe Chudo Apollo x Blondi s Beregov Oki)
3ex, CC - Mohnatoe Chudo Delamen Delta (Mohnatoe Chudo Apollo x Blondi s Beregov Oki)
winners cl: 2ex, CC - Mohnatoe Chudo Gwendolen (Agassi Nadina x Mohnatoe Chudo Agressia)
champions cl: 2ex, CC - Monika (Mohnatoe Chudo Apollo x Blondi s Beregov Oki)

Winners of the show & new champions of club:
Best male - Fan z Wiezy Jaskolky (imported Poland)
BOB, best female and Cup of Jari Pellas - Queen of the Dark della Val dell Foglia (imported Italy)
From 38 briards - 23 estimations "Excelent"
For winners of classes - the title Candidat in Champion of Club (=CAC), for some Ex dogs - CC (certificate of conformity), for best male and female - the title Champion of Club. (Cup of Jari - it's big passing cup for dog who has won BOB on national show of Russian Briardclub from 2001. If a dog has won this show 3 time - this cup will his for ever.)

Mon ami Pour Toujours Elliot (Linn) - best puppy-male
Rino (son of our Apollo and Feia Bonanza) - 4ex & CC in champions class of males
complete results on the page "Shows", also photos of all dogs on club's page (only russian version while)

Working competitions:

1. Capri Batangas - 78p
2. Mohnatoe Chudo Dafna - 70p

1. Mohnatoe Chudo Dafna
2. Fines Favorit Shevalie
3. Fines Favorit Sheyla

Rino (Apollo's son) - 4ex champions class, photo: Trubina, 400x320p, 28kb  Mohnatoe Chudo Dunkan McLeod - 2ex in class of winners, photo: Trubina, 400x300p, 27kb  Mohnatoe Chudo Dunkan McLeod, photo: Fiodorova, 400x300p, 32kb
Mon ami Pour Toujours Elliot - Best puppy-male, photo: Trubina, 400x300p, 22kb  Fan z Wiezy Jaskolki - Best male, CW working, photo: Trubina, 400x300p, 23kb  Mohnatoe Chudo Dorian - 2ex working, photo: Trubina, 400x300p, 30kb
Beaute du Champ d'Ardoye - CW open, photo: Bryzgalov, 300x350p, 26kb  Beaute du Champ d'Ardoye, photo: Bryzgalov  Beaute - CW open, photo: Matselik, 400x300p, 24kb  Beaute - CW open, photo: Matselik, 300x360p, 22kb
Monika - 2ex in champions cl, photo: Bryzgalov, 190x240p, 13kb Monika, photo: Hvoinsky, 300x220p, 19kb Monika, photo: Hvoinsky, 300x220p, 18kb
Prizewinners of BH: Dafna on 1st place, photo: Hvoinsky, 400x250p, 33kb
Ring for Best male: Potap Kuz'ma (CW winners cl), Eliotte z Krainy Mgiel (CW champions) and Fan z Wiezy Jaskolki (CW working), photo: Bryzgalov, 570x300p, 36kb

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