Owner of the prefix "Mohnatoe Chudo" is Evgenia Vanyukova. Julia Golynia is the daughter of Evgenia. Up to briards they were engaged in airdales and schnauzers. In 1993 they have bought the first briard. It was the fawn female Antarika no Egan Ozolini, she had in the pedigree of dogs from Russia, Czechia and East Germany. Antarika was Champion of Russia and Club, she had some CACIBs and many different titles. It was really a show-dog and one of the most beautiful dogs of Russia. She was an ancestor of kennel "Mohnatoe Chudo" and the mother of the beautiful children - Ch.Apollo, Ch.Amadeus, Ch.Abigal, Ch.Agressia etc... She has died in july 2002. Ch.Apollo is one of the most famous briards in Russia and he is 3 x Best reproductor of Briardclub.
In december 2002 Julia and Evgenia have bought fawn female Beauté in Belgian kennel "le Champ d'Ardoye". She is real beauty and she has super mentality. Now she is Champion of Russia and 4x Champion of Rusian BriardClub.
For today the line of kennel "Mohnatoe Chudo" is the most successful in Russia (from lines of russian breeding, of corse :)). 3 years in succession our dogs win shows of National Briardclub. Dogs of kennel have more than 30 CACIBs, 11 Champions of Russia, 7 Champions of Russian Briardclub.

StPeterburg, Russia.

Julia and Monika, Gelios, Apollo, Gvendolin, SPb, 1.12.02, photo: Trubina, 500x370p, 51kb  Julia in briardshow in SPb, 1.12.02, photo: Kutchin, 494x300p, 27kb  Evgenia and Beaute, SPb, april 2003, photo: Golynia, 448x350p, 51kb  Evgenia and Beaute, SPb, april 2003, photo: Golynia, 302x450p, 42kb

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