30.08.09 Apatity, Russia. Town Championship "Pitch&Go". 20 dogs participated, from them - 2 briards. Monika - 2nd place (195/12); Yurmis Fidel Zolotea - 7th place (155/10).
29/30.08.09 Schwanau-Ottenheim - Germany, Deutsch Selection and BCD-show, 83 briards participated. BOB and best male - Arc Nou'Noursette; best female - Bo des Travailleurs Barbus.
15/16.08.09 Gernsheim - Germany, CFH show. 51 briards. BOB and best female - Cous-Cous vom Wilden Weidenwald; best male - Arc Nou'Noursette.
8.08.09 Kiiminki - Finland, Show of Finnish Briardclub. 39 briards. BOB and best male - Boondock's It's In My Hat, best female - Zhamanen Ylang Ylang.
18/19.07.09 Oulu - Finland, 2xCACIB-show. Monika was 2 time Best female and got 2xCACIB and Finnish Sertificat for the title Finnish Champion! And now she is complete C.I.E. also!
18/19.07.09 Bochum - Germany, Show of BCD, judges P.Jacoulot and M.Werkmeister, 83 briards. BOB and best male - Arc Nou'noursette; Best female - Elynn von der Roten Hex'.
11/12.07.09 Germany, Show of CFH Bayern, judge Ch.Janes, 41 briards. Best male - Emilio de l'Aavenue du Miel, Best female - Gentl de l'Avenue du Miel.
1.07.09 Mohnatoe Chudo Gwendolen has died in Sankt-Petersbourg.
28.06.09 Germany, Show of BCD Thuringen Sieger, judges H.Blassele and M.Werkmeister, 61 briards. BOB and best male - Faber-Castell von der Roten Hex', Best female - Elynn von der Roten Hex'.
21.06.09 Veliky Novgorod - Russia, Show of Briard club "Winner of Club", judge P.Rehanek, 19 briards. BOB, best male - Teenager Moravia Campanella, Best female - La Toya Moravia Campanella.
21/22.06.09 Gelsenkirchen - Germany, CFH Show, judges U.Zelenka and J.Bremont, 87 briards. Best male - Emilio de l'Avenue du Miel, Best female - Cool Tobago des Charmantes Crapules.
14.06.09 Apatity - Russia, Canicross 400 ms, 11 dogs. Briard Monika - 6th place; 46,09 sec
14.06.09 Paris, Championship of France. Judge: Herve Blassell (Fr). 59 briards. BOB - Angus Karhu Czarny Niedzwiadek, best female - Viva-Rosa de la Tour StGenin.
12/14.06.09 Ekaterinsbourg - Russia, IPO CACIT. Judges: Daniel Thibaut and Uwe Stolpe. Briard Bastian La Gran: A-70; B-71; C-81, total 222, TSB-a, 6th place from 16 dogs.
13.06.09 Apatity - Russia, "Controllable City Dog" competition ("UGS"). Briard Monika - 40 points from 60 (qualification), 5th place from 8 in level A.
7.06.09 Krusa - Danmark, Danish Briard show. Judge: C.Comby (Sw). 48 briards. BOB - Zenia du Champ d'Ardoye.
6.06.09 St-Petersbourg - Russia, Pitch and Go. Briard Sozvezdie Yugal Zilbervindt: 9th place from 47 in cat. "maxi".
30/31.05.09 Wietzen - Germany, CFH-Nord show. Judges: E.Mosimann (Sw). 82 briards. BOB, best male - Mon Ami pour Toujours Flint; best female - Andra vom Wälkesberg.
31.05.09 Belgium - Selection. Judges: S.Gianonne (Bel) and G.Pareau (Fr). Selection was received 34 briards from 71 inscribed.
30.05.09 Belgium - UEBB Championship. Judges: P.Jacoulot (Fr), C.Comby (Sw), M.Werkmeister (Ger), S.Gianonne (Bel). 175 briards participated. BOB - Nadal Dalido (junior); Best male, CAC - Oreo Cookie Moravia Campanella; RCAC - Harry Potter Dalido; Best female, CAC - Blueberry Bohemia Adyton; RCAC - Vogue du Lion d'Orange.
30.05.09 Dublin - Ireland, European Dog Sow. Judge Denis Kuzel (S). 4 briards participated. BOB, Best male - Terriblybelove delle Nebbie di Avalon.
24.05.09 Moscow - Russia, National Show of Russian Briardclub. Judge Salvatore Giannone (Bel). 42 briards participated. BOB, Best male - Vivacite d'Esprit Moravia Campanella; Best female - Nafani Noa.
23.05.09 Baden - Austria, Show of Austrian Briardclub. Judge: Eva Mosiman (Sw). 21 briards participated; BOB - Kiowa Centieme Celui Donatien Marquis de Sade.
21.05.09 Hetereen - Netherlands, Show of Dutch Briardclub. Judges: Jan Ebels (Nl), Jaques Dillies (Fr), M.Melchior (Lux). 85 briards participated. BOB, Best female - Cevennes du Pont de l'Escaut; Best male - Harry Potter Dalido.
15-17.05.09 IPO Campionship of Russia. 25 dogs participated, 1 briard from them - Bastian La Gran (from Ekaterinbourg, owner Alexej Fimushin), 19th place. 74+82+85=241, TSB-a.
3.05.09 Dortmund - Germany, CACIB "Europasieger". Judges: Christiane Comby (Sw), Herve Blassell (Fr). 81 briards participated. BOB, best female - Chienne noire van de Boksenberg; Best male - James Bond Dalido.
31.03.09 Zhadore du Champ dArdoye, March 2009, 340x350p, 35kb  Zhadore du Champ dArdoye, March 2009, 300x350p, 30kb  Zhadore du Champ dArdoye, March 2009, 400x360p, 52kb
6.05.00 - 31.03.09
Izegem, Belgium. Zhadore du Champ d'Ardoye, the mother of our Beuaté, has died.
8.03.09 Apatity, Russia. Russian Ring Championship of North-West of Russia, CACT. 21 dogs participated. 1 briard - Monika: 10/16 in group B.
8.03.09 Crafts - GB. BOB, best female - Kennedi Sa Nadina SIS. Best male - Avalon Frodo aux Pattes Velue. 81 briards, judge - V.J.Webb.
28.02.09 Moscow, 2xCACIB-show "Eurasia". BOB and best female of both of days - Yurmis Fidel Zolotea. Best male both of days - Ellaris Lie Mi Cher. 29 & 31 briards. Judges P.DeLerue (Por) & J.Sanchez (Sp).
22.02.09 Apatity, Russia - Sport dogs competition. 1 briard - Monika: 3rd place in Pitch & Go; 22th place in tovage of argamak; 15th place in speed detention.
23.01.09 New FCI standard of Briard is ready.
10.01.09 St-Petersbourg, Russia - Pitch & Go. 55 dogs. 1 briard - Sozvezdie Yugal Zilbervint: 6th place in cat. "maxi" (185 points).