Happy New Year! Thank all for New Year's and christmas congratulations! We wish all merry Christmas and happy New Year! I add all your christmas cards on special page of russian version our site, so as all participants of Briard.Ru can to see them.
Merci par tout pour les félicitations du Nouvel an et de Noël!
Danke von allem für neujahrs- und die Weihnachtengratulationen!
20/21.12.03 Moscow, 2xCACIB. 2xBOB - Damian Dalido.
14.11.03 StPetersbourg, CACIB-show "Nevsky Winner". BOB - Nils Rosa Vetrov Alkara, best junior - Till de la Chaume du Bois Dieu, best junior-female - Beauté du Champ d'Ardoye.
12.11.03 StPetersbourg, CAC-show. Best junior of show - Beauté du Champ d'Ardoye.
7.12.03 Holland, Amsterdam Winner-03. BOB - Je n'ai Rien Oublie Tendress Phoenix (daughter of Zogueros and halfsister of Beauté).
6.12.03 Helsinki, Finnish Winner-03. BOB - Smooth Breeze Lord of Ring (Mökö's grandson).
6.12.03 Moscow, CACIB-show. BOB - Damian Dalido.
december New briards on the page "Our friends...": Faeton O'Nao Nacambel & Ko (Ukraine). New photos on the pages of Monika.
30.11.03 StPetersbourg, national CAC. Best junior - Till de la Chaume du Bois Dieu. Beauté - ex, Babetta - vg.
30.11.03 Padova, Italy, Italian Briard show. BOB - Oliver del Conte Rissoso.
23.11.03 StPetersbourg, regional show of BriardClub. BOB - Mohnatoe Chudo Apollo, Best female - Monika. Dafna, Dunkan, Gwendolen - CW & CC. Till - Best Junior, Beauté - best junior-female. Best kennel - Mohnatoe Chudo. Monika has received 3rd titre Champion of Briardclub.
StPetersbourg, national CAC. Best junior of breed & BiJ-2 - Till de la Chaume du Bois Dieu, best junior-female - Beauté du Champ d'Ardoye. Dafna - CAC.
22.11.03 StPetersbourg, Russia, ICU-show. Best junior of breed & BiJ - Till de la Chaume du Bois Dieu.
11.11.03 Strasbourg, Championship of France. BOB - Xirage des Enfants de Lutece.
november 23 new photos in the photoalbooms: Cats, Dunkan, Common, Till, EW-03, also new photos in the photoalbooms StPetersbourg (11) and Kola peninsula (34).
25.10.03 Murmansk, national CAC. BOB - Mohnatoe Chudo VilionFrançoisa.
17.10.03 Dortmund, Germany Winner. BOB - Ashari de la Porte du Coq, Bhishma du Champ dArdoye (Beaute's brother) is Young Winner
3/4.10 Bratislava, Slovakia. Championship of Europe: Beauté du Champ d'Ardoye - 2ex in junior cl, Mohnatoe Chudo Gwendolen - 1ex & CAC in work cl, Mohnatoe Chudo Apollo - vg in work cl, Till de la Chaume du Bois Dieu - vg in junior cl. BOB - Verdi du Mas de Prunelles, young winner - Captain Nacambel, best veteran and BiV-2 - Falco Kasiterit
Championship of UEBB: Beauté - 5ex, Gwendolen - 3ex, Apollo - g, Till - 5vg. BOB - Alfio Arte Cassari, Best female - Tartini de Pittavini. Complete results on the page "Shows", a photos here.
october 50 new photos on the pages of Gwendolen, Beuté, Till, Dafna, Euripid, Egory, Estello, in a photoalbooms: Till, People, EW-03, Children, Monika, Gelios
23.09.03 Finland. Our friend Mökö (Ch.Int,Fin,Swe Moustique des 4 Plumes Noires) is the father: 10 black puppies were borned in kennel Smooth Breeze.
20.09.03 Russia, StPetersbourg, reg CAC. Till de la Chaume du Bois Dieu - best junior & BIJ-3.
Germany Selection in Hellefeld (Ger)
13/14.09.03 Epernon, France. National d'Elevage. BOB - Carlos Arte Cassari. Best kennel - les Monts d'en Crouzille. Best reproductor Rashida du Bois d'Howis (Elite A & Cot 6). Best fawn dogs: PiconBiere & Yes. Also Rashida's daughters: Zenia - 2ex & Sel, Visage - 3ex & Sel, Xocipili - Sel. Big congratulations to all from us!
14.09.03 Russia, StPetersbourg, reg CAC. Best junior - Till de la Chaume du Bois Dieu.
14.09.03 Russia, Moscow, CACIB. BOB - Damian Dalido.
7.09.03 Czechia, briard special. BOB - Reve de Noel des Pitr'Egoele.
september Personal pages of the puppies from last litter Mohnatoe Chudo: Egory & Euripid, 20 new photos on the pages of Euripid, Egory and Emmanuel
25.08.03 Russia, CACIB, V.Novgorod. BOB, CACIB, Best female - Mohnatoe Chudo Dafna, her first CACIB, in the age of 15 months, the authoritative judge, champions-competitors on a ring...
10.08.03 Russia, StPetersbourg. 6 fawn puppies (3/3) from Ch.Mohnatoe Chudo Apollo, the mother - Ch.Gyunp Evpatoria Yasnoye Solnyshko.
3.08.03 Latvia, Ch.Garmonia Mohnatoe Chudo born 10 puppies (7 female and 3 male, 5 black and 5 fawn), the father - Ch.Voodoo du Noble Nid.
august 30 new photos in a photoalbooms: Beauté, Dendy, Apollo, Gelios, Common
18.07.03 Russia, Apatity (Murmansk area). 2 puppies "E" Mohnatoe Chudo (black and fawn males), mother - Emmanuel de Simon, father - Gelios Mohnatoe Chudo. See a photos on the page of Emmanuel.
6.07.03 Moscow. 8 fawn puppies (2 males, 6 females), mother - Ch.Blondi s Beregov Oki, father - Ch.Apollo Mohnatoe Chudo.
5.07.03 Germany, show of Briardclub. BOB - Digger v.d. Wanderschaferei.
July 45 new photos on the site of Apollo, Gelios, Monika, Beauté, Till, Gwendolen, Emmanuel, in the photoalbooms Monika, Gelios, Gwendolen, Apollo, Beauté, Dunkan, People, Common.
28.06.03 Russia, StPetersbourg, CACIB "Belye Nochi" ("white nights"). BOB, CACIB, BIG-3 - Apollo Mohnatoe Chudo. Best female, CACIB - Gwendolen Mohantoe Chudo. RCACIB - Monika. Best puppy, BIP-3 - Till de la Chaume du Bois Dieu. Beauté du Champ d'Ardoye - best puppy-female. Gelios - vg. Some photos
22.06.03 Austrian National Specialty. BOB - Zhivago du Paturage Chevalier, best female - Reve-de-Noel-Fauve des Pitr'Engoele.
21.06.03 Russia, Novgorod, reg.show of briardclub. BOB - Nils Roasa Vetrov Alkara, best male - Estello Dalido, 2nd female - Mohnatoe Chudo Gwendolen, 2nd male - Damian Dalido. Best juniors - Dafna and Dunkan McLeod Mohnatoe Chudo.
reg CAC. BOB - Gwendolin Mohnatoe Chudo, best juniors - Dafna and Dunkan.
Now Gwendolin is Champion of National Briardclub, Dunkan - Young Champion of Russia and National Briardclub.
15.06.03 Russia, Novgorod, reg CAC. Best junior - Dafna Mohnatoe Chudo. Now Dafna is Young Champion of Russia.
14.06.03 Russia, Tver, regional CAC. Best junior - Dunkan McLeod Mohnatoe Chudo.
14.06.03 Danmark, show of Briardclub. BOB - Zenia du Champ d'Ardoye.
BOB - Eliotte z Krainy Mgiel, best female - Sheggy Mirakl Lazzy.
Ours: MultiCh.Apollo - vg! (first time in the life), Gelios - 1ex & best black male & 2nd in arrang.of males, VotrenRevu - 1ex & 3rd in arran.of males, Monika - 1ex & 2nd in arrang.of females, Gwendolen - 2ex & best black female. Youth: Dorian - 1ex & best junior-male, Dafna - 2ex, Dunkan - 4ex, Delamen - 4ex, Dendy - vg, Beauté - best puppy, also Till - best puppy-male, Blondi - 3ex & best female-reproductor, Revej - 4ex.
Best kennel - Mohnatoe Chudo.
Now Gelios is Champion of Briardclub, Dafna and Dorian - Young Champion of Briardclub.
Working results. IPO-1-B: Apollo - 2nd, Gwendolen - 3rd, Gelios - 4th, Monika - 5. IPO-1-C: Apollo - 2nd. Competition on best detention: Blondi - 2nd, Gelios - 3rd. Our young male Dunkan participated hors concours and he has made real furore!
Some photos here.
7/8.06.03 Belgium, Ch.Garmonia Mohnatoe Chudo was mated with Ch.Voodoo du Noble Nid.
7.06.03 Russia, Smolensk, CACIB. BOB - Damian Dalido.
1.06.03 World Dog Show, Dortmund, Germany. New World Champions: BOB - Olympe des Edennes de Colmel, Best female - Aimée du Mont Cerise.
1.06.03 Pskov, Russia, national CAC. Dafna Mohnatoe Chudo - best junior.
June New briard on the site - Ch.Gunp Evpatoria Yasnoe Solnyshko (StPeterburg). 30 new photos on the pages: Gelios, Blondi, Dorian, Dafna, VotrenRevu, Babetta, Other, in the photoalbooms: Till, Monika, Gelios, Peole, Common.
31.05.03 Linköping, Sweden. Show of briardclub. BOB - Cartier Monzerat Tina. Moustique des 4 Plumes - best male-veteran and 3rd in arrangement of males.
18.05.03 Riga, "Latvia Winner", CACIB. Gwendolen Mohnatoe Chudo - BOB, CACIB, Champion of Latvia. Garmonia Mohnatoe Chudo - RCACIB
17.05.03 Petrozavodsk (Karelia, Russia), regional show of briardclub. BOB - Apollo Mohnatoe Chudo, Best female - Monika, Best junior - Dafna Mohnatoe Chudo, Gelios MC - CW & CC, Babetta MC - CW & CC. Monika receives 2nd title 'Champion of National BriardClub'
Petrozavodsk, national CAC. BOB - Monika, best junior - Dafna, Gelios and Babetta - CW, CAC. Gelios has received last CAC for Ch.Rus, it's necessary to pass IPO-exam.
17.05.03 Czechia, Show of Briardclub. BOB - Amar Cedrett (the grandson of Erik Apoll Bis SunFloWer), best female - Naomi.
10/11.05.03 Belgium, Show of Briardclub. BOB - Apache du Bohemien. The relatives of Beauté: Zogueros - sel, Zenia - sel, Zizou - sel & 1ex, Zejiamala - 2ex, Boran - best pup, PiconBiere - RCAC & sel. Also many briards from Czechia: Best female, CAC, sel - Naomi Jesed (the daughter of Falko, Wow!), Cadine Cartier Monzerat (the daughter of Agassi) - RCAC, sel.
10.05.03 Helsinki, Finnish Briard Special. BOB - our friend Moustique des 4 Plumes Noires!
09.05.03 Moscow, CAC. Dunkan Mohnatoe Chudo - Best Junior
may 20 new photos on the page of Moustique des 4 Plume Noires, 'Other', in photoalbooms of Beauté, Till, Dunkan, people, common
7.05.03 Preliminary record began from puppies Apollo x Blondi. See the page 'Puppies'.
april New briard on the site - Ch.Garmonia Mohnatoe Chudo (Latvia). 60 new photos in the page of Beauté, Till, Dendy, Revej, in the photoalboom of Beauté, Till, Monika, people, children etc
26.04.03 StPeterburg, CACIB. Monika - BOB, CACIB, CAC. Best puppy - Till, best puppy-female - Beauté.
20.04.03 StPeterburg, regional CAC. Beauté du Champ d'Ardoye - best baby, Till de la Chaume du Bois Dieu - best baby-male.
6.04.03 Apatity, regional CAC. BOB - Uly Ralf.
5.04.03 Netherland, clubmatch. BOB - Kimba de la Maison de Jollie Filles.
30.03.03 Ekaterinburg, CACIB. BOB - Sheggi Mirakl Lazzy.
30.03.03 StPeterburg, national CAC. BOB - Nilsh Roza Vetrov Alkara.
march New briard on the site - Babetta Mohnatoe Chudo (Karelia), 18 new photos in photoalboom Dunkan, Kola peninsula, Children, and others.
16.03.03 Murmansk, regional show of Briardclub. BOB - Apollo MC, Best female - VadieAlexis MC. Gelios MC, VotrenRevu MC - CW. Dendy MC - ex in jun.cl. Estello - best jun.male. Now Apollo receives second title "Champion of National Briardclub".
Murmansk, regional CAC. BOB, CAC - Monika.
8/9.03.03 Lithuania, Vilnus, CACIB. Gwendolen Mohnatoe Chudo - 2xBOB, 2xCACIB, Champion of Lithuania.
22.02.03 Moscow, "Eurasia", CACIB. BOB - Eliotte z Krainy Mgiel, Gwendolen Mohnatoe Chudo - RCACIB.
22.02.03 Apatity Murmansk area. The Ring Championship of Northwest of Russia. Apollo MC - 4th place, Gelios MC - 8th, Emmanuel de Simon - 11th, Monika - 21st. This grandiose event in detail and photos here.
08.02.03 Murmansk, natonal CAC. VilionFrançoisa MC - BOB & Best female & CAC, VotrenRevu MC - Best male & CAC, Gelios MC - CAC.
02.02.03 Murmansk. Barbarella Mohnatoe Chudo born 4 puppies by Damian Dalido (2 fawn males and 2 black females).
february 110 new photos on the site: on a pages of Apollo, Emmanuel, Dorian, Till, Beauté in the photoalboom of Apollo, Gelios, Beauté, Monika, Common, Cats, Kola peninsula, Ring.
31.01.03 StPeterburg. Revej Matinal born 7 fawn puppies by Apollo Mohnatoe Chudo (3 males and 4 females).
01.03 Gwendolen Mohnatoe Chudo is the Champion of Russia and Byelorussia, Grenvill Mohnatoe Chudo is the Champion of Russia.
19.01.03 Moscow, CACIB. BOB - Eliotte z Krainy Mgiel.
january New briards on the site: Nilsh Rosa Vetrov Alkara and Revej Matinal (StPeterburg). 30 news photos in pages of Apollo, Moustique, Dunkan, Dendy, Dafna, Gwendolen, Estello, in the photoalbooms: Common, Monika, Gelios, Children, Cats.
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