Happy New Year! Thank all for New Year's and Christmas congratulations! We wish all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I add all your christmas cards on special page of russian version our site, so as all participants of Briard.Ru can to see them.
Merci par tout pour les félicitations du Nouvel an et de Noël!
Danke von allem für neujahrs- und die Weihnachtengratulationen!
15/16.12.07 Sweden, Nordic Vinner: BOB, best male - Li-Brie's Boss Number One, best female - Woodlooks Bumble Bee (25 briards).
9.12.07 Finnish Winner: BOB, best male - Boondock's It Just Hap'n, best female - Smooth Breeze Legacy of Witch (20 briards).
4.11.07 Tartu - Estonia, CACIB-show: 6 briards. Linn (Mon Ami pour Toujours Elliot) - 2exc in open cl; Ozzy (Cartier Monzerat Prosper) - best junior. (BOB - Cartier Monzerat Hoffa)
21.10.07 Novopolotsk - Byelorus, CAC-show. Cartier Monzerat Prosper (Ozzy) - BIG-4, BOB, best junior.
14.10.07 Shauljai - Lithuania, CAC-show. Mon Ami pour Toujours Elliot (Linn) - best male, CAC, Champion of Lithuania.
6.10.07 Pskov - Russia, CAC-show: 2 briards. Linn (Mon Ami pour Toujours Elliot) - BOB; Ozzy (Cartier Monzerat Prosper) - best junior.
30.09.07 Moscow, CACIB-show "Rossija", 21 briards participated, judge - Lilian Haniste (Est). BOB, best female - Potap Olympia, best male - Jovial Bonanza.
30.09.07 Apatity - Russia, Russian Ring Championship of Murmansk area, CACT. 11 dogs participated, 1 briard: Monika - 3rd place in group B (19,33 points from 50), results & pics.
29.09.07 Show of Spanish briardclub (+ selection), 70 briards, judges M. Larive & Mme. Larive. BOB - Tenoro de Dasilva, best female - Viva Rosa de la Tour StGenin.
16.09.07 Mon Ami pour Toujours Elliot (Linn) - HD-A, oficiel result from RKF.
15/16.09.07 France - National d'Elevage, 190 dogs in catalogue. BOB, best male - Texel de la Chaume du Bois Dieu, best female - Unique de la Chaume du Bois Dieu.
2.09.07 StPetersbourg - Russia, CACIB-show "Newsky Winner", 3 briards. Beauté du Champ d'Ardoye - BIG-1, BOB, CACIB, CAC (judges Nat.Sedykh & E.Erusalimsky, Rus), pics.
19.08.07 V.Novgorod - Russia, CACIB-show, 6 briards, judge M.Polivanov (Rus). BOB & best female - La Toya Moravia Campanella.
18/19.08.07 UEBB-show & Spanish selection. BOB - Ambiorix du Monde des Amours (+ Sel.Sp). Judges C.Comby & P.Jacoulot, ~70 briards.
12.08.07 father of our Gregory, Ambiorix du Monde des Amours - BOB on CACIB-show in Germany= Interchampion and Champion of Germany (judge H.Blasselle, 41 briards).
28.07.07 Rashida du Bois d'Howis
19.11.93 - 28.07.07
Rashida du Bois d'Howis
today we say "good bye" to The Great Briard. many thanks for the invaluable contribution to development of breed on behalf of all her descendants. Viviane, we mourn together with you
14/15.07.07 Minsk - Byelorus, 2xCACIB-show. Mon Ami Pour Toujours Elliot (Linn): BOB, Best male, CACIB, CAC on one show and CAC on other show (=Champion of Byelorus).
14.07.07 Finnish clubshow, judge: M.Werkmeister, 48 briards. BOB & best male - Cartier Monzerat Hoffa, bets female - Cartier Monzerat Holly.
7/8.07.07 BCD club show, judges I.Gossens (Ger) & E.D.Sobolta (Pol), 73 briards. BOB, best female, Clubsiegerin - Elektra d' une Affaire noire; Best male - Glenn v.d. Wanderschäferei; Clubsieger - Falko du Pont de la Sambre.
30.06.07 Apatity, Murmansk area - Russia, City Championship "Controlable City Dog", 19 dogs participated. Monika - 14th place. Results and pictures here.
24.06.07 StPetersbourg - Russia, CACIB-show "White Nights". BOB, best female, CACIB, CAC - Beauté du Champ d'Ardoye. Judge C.Stefanesku (Rom), 4 briards.
16/17.06.07 Belgian selection, judges: H.Blaselle, S.Giannone, 32 names of selectione dogs on page "selection - results". Clubshow: 56 briards, BOB & best female - Cevenne du Pont de l'Escaute (rcac - Ebeyonce), best male - Emiliano du Manoir Noble (rcac - Ambiorix).
16.06.07 Swiss Clubshow: 31 briards, judge Jan de Gids (Nl). BOB & best female - Noemi Gioia Romani, best male - Mel Paso del Pata Viento.
10&17.06.07 Russia: Pskov & Veliky Novgorod. Cartier Monzerat Prosper "Ozzy" - Best baby on 3 CAC-shows. Mon Ami Pour Toujours Elliot "Linn" - 2xCAC & Best male, 1xBOB, complete Champion of Russia!
8/10.06.07 Germany selection, judges: C.Comby, M.Werkmeister & R.Wollensack, 17 names of selectione dogs on page "selection - results".
8.06.07 Eurodogshow, judges: Spoljaric, 44 briards. BOB - Tamburell des Uns et des Autres (rcacib - MrBean), best female - Anna Bell Badria' S Darling (rcacib - Mannequin Tasja).
3.06.07 Danish clubshow, 42 briards, judge H.Blasselle. BOB, best male - Mon Ami Pour Toujours Flint, best female - Zenia du Champ d'Ardoye.
26/27.05.07 CFH show, 78 briards, judge P.Jacoulot & U.Zelenka. BOB, best male - Bennet l'Oreille Noire, best female - Noemi Gioia Romani.
26.05.07 Sweden clubshow, 68 briards, judge J.Larive. BOB, best male - Cartier Monzerat Frisky Faust, best female - Cartier Monzerat Lin.
  One more new briard - Cartier Mozerat Prosper (town Pskov).
  New briard on the site - Gregory du Pont de la Sambre (town Sarov, Nizhny Novgorod area).
22.05.07 Deatnu du Champ d'Ardoye has born 9 puppies. Contact - Satu Kujala (Finland): mob.: +358442791499, mail
19.05.07 National Show of Russian Briardclub. 50 briards participated, judge - Jacques de Brouwer (Fr). Results of Briard.RU team:
Beauté du Champ d'Ardoye - BOB, Best female, Champion of Club, CW (champions).
Monika - CW working, complete Grand Champion of Club.
Mohnatoe Chudo Abigal - CW vet, best female veteran.
Mohnatoe Chudo Dorian - CW working.
Mon Ami Pour Toujours Elliot - CW open.
Cartier Monzerat Prosper - CW bab, best male baby. Pictures here.
18.05.07 We have lost our Gelios, he struggled with a cancer during 9 months but illness was more persistent.
17.05.07 Dutch clubshow, judges: E.Bakker-v.d.Woistijne, R.Wollensack & I.Gossens, 126 briards. BOB, best male - Emiliano du Manoir Noble, best female - Josefine Dalido.
5.05.07 Championship of France. 41 briards, judge J.C.Larive. BOB, best male - Tamburel des Uns et des Autres, best female - VivaRosa de la Tour StGenin.
4.05.07 Europasieger - Dortmund (Germany), 58 briards, judge R.Wollensack. BOB, best male - Emiliano du Manoir Noble, best female - Ebeyonce des Enfants de Lutèce.
21/22.04.07 StPetersbourg - Russia, 2xCACIB show "Peterburg Spring". Beauté du Champ d'Ardoye - 2xBOB, best female, CACIB, CAC. In 1st day - BIG-3 (judge Guido Vandoni), pics.
1.04.07 Rjazan' - Russia, show of Briardclub, judge Patrina (Rus), 15 briards. BOB & best male - Fan z Wiezi Jaskolky, best female - Fines Favorit Sheila. Results on page "shows".
10.03.07 Apatity, Murmansk area - Russian Ring Championship of North-West of Russia, 14 dogs participated - 1 briard: Monika - 1st place in group B with 19 points from 50.
24/25.02.07 Moscow, ŅĀŅIB-show Eurasia-2, judge Jean Medard Ringuet (Fr), 25 briards. BOB - Fines Favorit Sheila, best male - Caevin Zenao Nacambel.
Eurasia-1, judge Jorgen Hindse Madsen (Fin), 26 briards. BOB - Amb Arnold Chanuer Bonanza, best female - Potap Olimpia. Complete results on page "shows".
20.01.07 StPetersbourg - Russia, national show of Briardcub, 16 briards, judge Maurice Hermel (Fr):
Beauté du Champ d'Ardoye - BOB, best female, Club Winner, CW champions, Candidat in Champion of Club (Beauté receives the second title "Champion of Club");
Best male - Vermeil de la Chaume du Bois Dieu (also Club Winner & candidat in champion of club).
National CAC-show, 9 briards, judge Butrimova:
BIG-2, BOB, best male, CAC - Gunp Ksans Pitersky Absolut (Ksans receives "Champion of Russia");
best female, CAC - Beauté du Champ d'Ardoye. Results on page "shows".
januari New briard on the site - Artua Vizhon Atilla. 3 new pictures of Linn (Mon Ami Pour Toujours Elliot). Quantity of briard' pictures on the site is 1500 now!
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