25/27.06.10 Danmark, Fristyle World Championship. Russian team results and pics.
18/20.09.09 Dornbirn - Austria, Agility World Championship. Team of Russia - 1st in maxi and mini! Briards - 0, beauceron - 1 (our friend Rej from Estonia), a lot of pyrenees. Complete results here.
3/6.09.09 Austria, IPO World Cahmpionship. 127 dogs participated, 107 - in ofset. Results complete. Russian pics here, and video here.
30.08.09 Apatity - Murmansk, Russia. Pitch&Go: 20 dogs, 2 from them where briards: Monika - 2nd place, Yurmis Fidel Zolotea - 7th place. Results on Russian, Video with Monika: here, pics: here, forum: here.
21/23.08.09 Ekaterinsbourg - Russia, IPO Championship of Russian Kynological Federation, CACIT. (without briards). Results, pictures.
8.08.09 Kiiminki - Finland, Obedience Championship of Finnish Briard Club, 6 briards participated. Results.
1 class
1. Blota-Hunka des Quatre Plumes Noires ALO1 192p. TK1 RM2
2. Kirmix C'Est Moi Milli ALO1 179,5p. TK1 RM3
3. Amie Desire Elite ALO3 127p.
2 class
1. Cartier Monzerat Chellie AVO2 148p.
3 class
1. D'eloise du Manoir NobleVOI3 201,5p.
International class
1. Charone GasaronEVL1 261p. RM1
30.07-2.08.09 Moscow, IPO-3 CACIT: Complete results. Championship of Moscow, results IPO-2 and IPO-1. Forum here, Pictures here, here, Videp here.
25/26.07.09 Arnhem - Netherlands, Agility European Open Challenge. ~ 700 dogs participated. Complete results.
11.07.09 Dolgoprudny (Moscow region) - Russia, Obedience Championship of Russia (CACIOb). 9 dogs in international class. Complete results and video here or here(on Russian).
28.06.09 Sankt-Petersbourg - Russia, Frisbee (in show "White Nights"). Briard Sozvezdie Yugal Zilbern Windt: 5th place from 13 in class "progress", 10th from 13 in class "beginners". Pictures, Pictures and Pictures. Results of beginners class, results of progress.
20/21.06.09 Moscow, OKD-ZKS Championship. 230 dogs participated. Main results are here (all results on Russian). OKD ofset in jpg: 1-46 places, 46-83 places.
OKD-mini ofset in jpg: 1- 6 places.
OKD-teams ofset in jpg: 1-15 places.
ZKS ofset in jpg: 1, 2, 3, 4.
ZKS pictures, Pictures.
Absolute ofset:
1. V.Muretova and german shepherd Russischen Vabelhaft Afelandra
2. A.Nikitin and german shepherd Grand Black
3. V.Shibarska and german shepherd Rodin
14.06.09 Apatity - Russia, Canicross 400 ms. 11 dogs participated. Briard Monika and Yana Ovchinnikova - 6th place, time: 46,09 sec. Video with Monika, Pictures.
13.06.09 Apatity - Russia, Controllable City Dog (UGS - Russian obedience discipline). 15 dogs participated. Briard Monika - 5/6th place from 7 in group A, 40 points - ok for ofset. Video with Monika part I, Video with Monika part II, Complete results and pictures (on Russian).
12/14.06.09 Ekaterinsbourg - Russia, CACIT "Sedoj Ural". Judges Daniel Tibo and Uve Stolpe. Briard Bastian La Gran, ow. Alexej Fimushin: 6th place from 16, 70+71+81=222 (satisf), TSB-a. Results (on Russian). Pictures of Bastian.
6.06.09 Sankt-Petersbourg, Pitch and Go. Briard Sozvezdie Yugal Zilbern Wind, ow.Olga Werbitskaja: 9th place in category "maxi" (47 dogs). Pictures of briard and main results.
4.06.09 Agility Championship of France. Briard Noun de Lur'Yanou: 4th place in cat."C", some briards were in other classes.
Complete results of all classes and disciplines separately.
Results of all 547 dogs together.
Video of Noun (12 years old).
30/31.05.09 Moscow, IPO-FH Championship of Russia, CACT. 4 dogs participted. Complete results (on Russian).
30.05.09 Moscow, Russian Ring Championship of Russia, CACT. 41 dogs in group A. Complete results (on Russian).
16/17.05.09 Cecc de Lusigny/Barse - France. Challenge National Denis Mauvin, Berger Français en Obéissance. 26 dogs participated, from them: 10 briards and 9 beaucerons. Complete results (in file doc). Briard results and photos. Le Challenge Denis Mauvin and WInner of class 3: Uba des Mauves Bruyères (264,5/320); 2nd - Ulm du Royaume de Mélusine (256/320)
15/17.05.09 IPO Campionship of Russia, CACIT. 25 dogs in IPO-3, 1 briard - Bastian la Gran: 19th place, 74+82+85=241 points, TSB a.
Oficial results here, table of results also here, pictures here, here, here, video here.
2/3.05.09 Mirecourt - France: Championnat & Coupe de France Troupeaux 2009. Complete results, video and pictures
2/3.05.09 Tresse - France: Championnat and Grand Prix de France d'Obèissance 2009. Complete results. 1 briard in Grand Prix, cl.1: Aubi-Wan des Plaines de Brotonne, 15/20 place (145,5/200 points, v.g.).
25/26.04.09 Briard Club Deutschland Siegerprüfung, 17 briards participated.
FH-3: Incenca von der Wanderschäferei (90/100, v.g.)
FH-1: Röslein de la Cruche d'Argile (98/100, exc)
IPO-3: Idefix von der Wanderschäferei (96-94-90a=280, v.g.)
     Masco de la Cruche d'Argile (96-87-96a=279, v.g.)
     Baccara du Pont de la Sambre (7-70-96a=173)
Results complet and photos, and more photos here and here
11/12.04.09 Murmansk, Skijoring and dog driving sport "Opening up the Arctic" in Arctic Barents Race 2009". Results and photos (on Russian).
18/22.03.09 Chalon-en-Champagne - France, FH World Championship. 38 dogs participated. Results.
8.03.09 Apatity Murmansk area, 8.03 - Russian Ring Championship of Noth-West of Russia, CACT. 21 dogs participated. Briard Monika - 10th place in group B. More about here (on russian only).
28.02.09 Kirovsk, Murmansk region. Town competitions on Towage of sledge, Speed detention and Pitch&Go. 17 dogs participated. Briard Monika - 9th place in P&G, 15 in towage of argamak and 12 in detention. Results and photos.
22.02.09 Apatity Murmansk area. City Championship: Towage of sledge, Speed detention, Pitch & Go. 25 dogs. Briard Monika: 3rd place in Pitch&Go, 22th in towage and 15 in detention. Results and photos.
7-8.02.09 20è Challenge du Berger Français Marcel Servet (Pistage). 21 dogs participated: 5 briards, 7 beuacerons, 5 pyrenees, 3 bouvies and 1 picardy. Complete results of briards and photos here (file doc). 1st place in class C, Challenge Marcel Servet, Challenge Galice (for best briard) - Tennessee de la Vierge et du Sagittaire.
10.01.09 St-Petersbourg - Russia, Pitch and Go. 55 dogs, 40 from them in cat."maxi". 1 briard - Sozvezdie Yugal Zilbervint: 6th place in cat. "maxi" (185 points - 8 pitchs in ofset). Main results and photos (on russian only), pics also here.
Our competitions: complete results and photos:
* * *
HWT - Herding Working Test of FCI (Traditional Style - excluding Border Collie and Kelpie). File ".doc"
International Sheepdog Trial of FCI(Traditional Style - excluding Border Collie and Kelpie). File ".doc"
Herding Regulations of American Kennel Club (pdf)
HCT - Herding Capability Test of The American Herding Breed Association
Herding test and trial procedural manual: how to plan and run a herding test and trial, AKC
CANT - Herding test of CUNT, France
The test of behaviour of Assotiation Berger de Brie, France 2007
The test of behaviour recommend UEBB 2003
VPG, IPO, BH, FH, RH, AD, WH (rules)
Gary Wilkes - Click and Treat
Wicked Working Dogs - Stockdog Training
Politiehond I (PH-1 - KNPV)
since 01.01.2012 in pdf-format from the FCI website:
Obedience 1 & 2
Obedience 3

* * *
minimum age for diplomas:
freestyle - 6 months
HWT, mondioring, OKD - 12 months
RH-E - 14 months
BH, Obedience, ZKS, Russian Ring - 15 months
IPO-1, VPG-A, VPG-1, FH-1, RH-A, Big ring (russian) - 18 months
IPO-2, VPG-2, RH-B - 19 months
IPO-3, VPG-3, FH-2, RH-C - 20 months

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