Happy New Year! New Year's congratulations and cards have sent: Briardisti Italiani, Bel Pastur, la Maison de Garde-Barriere, Tresor de Brie, Larwass, Cahcarel, Arte Cassari, Moravia Campanella, Best Absolut MC, Antisc Avalanche, Nadina, Nacambel, le Champ d'Ardoye, le Noble Nid, Zidane NN, le 15 Chapelles, Zambuca, l'Etoile de Panache, la Chaume du Bois Dieu, 4 Plumes Noires, le Nez Moilles, le Manoire Noble, Tosselin, Zhamanen, Gy-Ladi Mor.Campanella & Ko, Moustique 4PN & Ko, Kirmix, Kudlate Serce, Cedrett, Trzy Korony, Kudlate Serce, Krainy Mgiel, Bejaune, Utreque & Ko, Zharive & Ko, l'Avenue d'Artagnon, Barbara Janyga, Albaycan, Berger's & Ko, le Val de Morteau, Tine Snoeks, l'espace Bleu Entre les Nuages, les Monts d'en Crouzille, Jiko des Monts d'en Crouzille & Ko. And many briards, sites, clubs from Russia of course. All many thanks! We wish all good luck and successes in new year! Hurrah!!!!!!
22.12.02 Russia, StPeterburg. The new briard-puppy has arrived - fawn male Till de la Chaume du Bois Dieu, the owner - Mr. Filonov. See Till in "Our friends, relatives and other beauties"
16.12.02 Russia, StPeterburg. The new member of "Mohnatoe Chudo" has arrived to Julia and Evgenia - the small girl Beauté du Champ d'Ardoye. Many thanks Viviane and Franky for their patience, the help and hospitality! See a photos in a page "Dogs"
12.02 60 new photos on our site: in the photoalbooms of Apollo, Gelios, Monika, Common, Kola Peninsula, in pages of Fan, Emmanuel, Dafna.
8.12.02 Finland, Helsinki, Finnish Winner Show, CACIB. BOB - Smooth Breeze Sinfony of Star, Best female - Opium du Sentier des Sources.
8.12.02 Russia, StPeterburg, CACIB. BOB, CACIB, BIG-3 - Gwendolen Mohnatoe Chudo.
1.12.02 Russia, StPeterburg, regional show of briardclub. BOB - Apollo Mohnatoe Chudo, Best female - Revei Matinel. Other briards Mohnatoe Chudo: Monika - CW+SA, Gvendolin - CW+SA, Gelios - 2Ex+SA, Dafna - Best puppy.
1.12.02 Russia, StPeterburg, CAC. BOB+CAC - Gelios Mohnatoe Chudo.
17.11.02 Belgium, Kortrijk, Eurodog. Eurocup Winner, BOB, CACIB, CAC - Xocipili du Champ d'Ardoye.
17.11.02 Byelorussia, Minsk, CACIB. Gwendolen Mohnatoe Chudo - CACIB & BOB.
17.11.02 Russia, Murmansk region, CAC. Monika - CAC, BOB & BIG; Gelios - CAC.
10.11.02 France, Paris, Championship of Europe '2002. New Champions of Europe: BOB - Bead-Lilac Nadina (the daughter of Falko!), Best male - Digger v.d. Wanderschaeferei. We were in Paris too! So, Fan z Wiezy Yaskolki - 2Ex in campion class; Eliotte z Krainy Mgiel - Ex, Capry Batangas - Ex. We have crossed 5 countries by the bus, that's great!!! some photos here
3.11.02 Russia, Apatity, CAC. Monika - CAC, Gelios - Ex.
27.10.02 Russia, Voronezh, CACIB. BOB - Fan z Wiezy Jaskolki.
6.10.02 New briard on our site: Dafna Mohnatoe Chudo and her first sussec: Best baby on show in Pskov.
23.09.02 Russia, Murmansk. Ch.Vilion-Françoisa Mohnatoe Chudo born 7 fawn puppies by Eliotte z Krainy Mgiel.
22.09.02 Belgian briard show. BOB - Yes du Noble Nid.
21.09.02 Spanish briard show. BOB - again Zeus de Albaycan!
17.09.02 New "Mohnatoe Chudo" on site: Dendy. New photos of Monika.
12.09.02 New briard on our site: Estello Dalido (Murmansk).
8.09.02 Danish Briardshow. BOB - Zenia du Champ d'Ardoye.
7/8.09.02 France. National d'Elevage. BOB - Xiane des Enfants de Lutece.
2.09.02 Yet one puppy from last litter on site: Dorian Mohnatoe Chudo.
25.08.02 Russia, V.Novgorod, CACIB. BOB, CACIB - Damian Dalido.
12.08.02 New briards on our site: Delamen Delta Mohnatoe Chudo and Epsie z Krainy Mgiel.
28.07.02 Poland, National Briardshow. BOB - Arnika Be-Em-Brie, Best male - Eminent Espace Moravia Campanella. Monika - 4Ex in intermedia class.
28.07.02 Luxembourg, UEBB-show. BOB - Yes du Noble Nid, Best male - Mielo du Marais StBrice. Zeus - 2Ex.
27.07.02 Luxembourg, National Briardshow. BOB - Mielo du Marais StBrice, Best female - Night Flower del Conte Rissoso. Zeus - 3Ex.
13.07.02 Sweden,Kokkola, CACIB. BOB, Best male and CACIB - Moustique des 4 Plumes Noires. Best female, CACIB - Petite Noblesse Tendresse Tanya.
07.07.02 StPeterburg. Has died Antarika No Egan Ozolini. She was an ancestor of "Mohnatoe Chudo". It is not recovered loss, but now her owners and breeders of "Mohnatoe Chudo" - Julia Golynia and Evgenia Vanjukova - want to purchase new fawn puppy. The best is required.
05.07.02 Holand, Amsterdam, World Dog Show '2002. New Campion of World - Zeus de Albaycan. See him photos in our site.
1.07.02 Russia, StPeterburg. Amanda Mohnatoe Chudo born 9 black and fawn puppies by Greynvill Mohnatoe Chudo.
29.06.02 Sweden, Gällivare, CACIB. BOB, Best male, CACIB - Moustique des 4 Plumes Noires. Now Mökö is IntCh and Ch. of Sweden!
29.06.02 Russia, StPeterburg, "Belye Nochy", CACIB. BOB, Best male (with tenth CACIB!) - Apollo MC, RCACIB - Greynvill MC; Best female, CACIB - Gvendolen MC, RCACIB - Nils Rosa Vetrov Alkara. Antarika No Egan Ozolini - 3rd place in Best veteran of Show.
24.06.02 New briard on our site: Dunkan MacLeod Mohnatoe Chudo.
1.06.02 Russia, StPeterburg. Gwendolen and Greynvill Mohnatoe Chudo have received the diplomas "IPO-1".
25.05.02 Russia, Moscow, "Gold Domed", CACIB. BOB - Damian Dalido, Best female - Monika. Gelios - RCAC.
18.05.02 Russia, Moscow. National Briard Show. Judge - Mr. Santopietro, Italy. New Champions of Club: Monika - BOB, Best female, Votren-Revu - Best male. Other dogs of Mohnatoe Chudo: Gvendolin - Best black female, Abigal - CW, Amanda - Ex, Apollo - Best reproductor. Best kennel - Mohnatoe Chudo. Some photos here
18.05.02 Czechy. National Briard Show. BOB - Notre Dame Bay Xitus Kasiterit, Best female - Nanette Blond de la Tour StGenin, Best reproductor - Agassi Nadina (Xarah, Cadine - CAC; Boss, Barbe - RCAC). Best kennel - Moravia Campanella.
11.05.02 Finland, Helsinki. National Briard Show. BOB - again Smooth Breeze Sinfony of Star, Best female - again Kenzo Fun With Chaccado. Moustique des 4 Plume Noire - CW.
09.05.02 Russia, Moscow. Blondi s Beregov Oki born 6 fawn puppies from Apollo.
23.04.02 We have received results of a genetic research of Apollo, Gelios and Monika from Poland: PRA - O'k!
6.04.02 Byelorussia, Minsk, CACIB. BOB - Apollo, Best female - Vilion-Françoisa. Monika - R.CACIB, Gelios - CAC.
6.04.02 Dutch Briardshow. BOB - again A-Yogibear du Courage Noble!
31.03.02 Moldova, Kishinev, CACIB. BOB - Fan z Wiezy Jaskolki
17.03.02 Russia, Murmansk, CAC. Monika - 3rd in BIS, BIG, BOB, Best female, CAC. Votren-Revu - CAC, Gelios - R.CAC.
23.02.02 Russia, Moscow, "Eurasia", CACIB. BOB - Sheggi Mirakl Zolotoi Lev, Best female - Epsie z Krainy Mgiel. Monika - R.CACIB, Apollo- 2Ex, Gelios - 2Ex+R.CAC, Gwendolen - 2Ex.
  Apollo - new Champion of National Briardclub of Russia!
16.02.02 Ukraine, Kharkov, CACIB. BOB, Best female, CACIB, 2 in BIG - Vilion-Françoisa Mohnatoe Chudo. Françoisa - new Champion of Ukraine!
19.01.02 Russia, Murmansk, regional briardshow, CChClub. BOB - Sheggi Mirakl Gardiesa, Best male - Sheggi Mirakl Zolotoi Lev, Best junior - Gelios Mohnatoe Chudo.
19.01.02 Russia, Murmansk, CAC. BOB - Sheggi Mirakl Zolotoi Lev, Best female - Monika.
12/13.01.02 Russia, Moscow, CACIB. BOB, CACIB - Eliotte z Krainy Mgiel.
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