Happy New Year! Thank all for New Year's and Christmas congratulations! We wish all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I add all your christmas cards on special page of russian version our site, so as all participants of Briard.Ru can to see them.
Merci par tout pour les félicitations du Nouvel an et de Noël!
Danke von allem für neujahrs- und die Weihnachtengratulationen!
18.12.05 StPetersbourg - Russia, CACIB Newsky Winner: all briards with "excelent" without places.
Regional show of Briardclub. Beauté - 2nd female.
Helsinki - Finland, CACIB North Winner. Deatnu du Champ d'Ardoye (Palko x Visage) - North Winner 2005!
17.12.05 Helsinki - Finland, CACIB Finnish Winner. Mon Ami Pour Toujours Elliot (Linn - Palko x Zenia) - Finnish Junior Winner 2005! Best Junior and 3rd in arrangement of males.
27.11.05 StPetersbourg - Russia, national CAC-show "Zoosphere". Beauté du Champ d'Ardoye - BIG-3, BOB, Best female, CAC.
20.11.05 Moscow. Darsi du Pont de la Sambre has successfully passed examination OKD with the maximal result 100/100 (russian course of obedience).
19.11.05 Belgium. Our grandmother Rashida du Bois d'Howis has celebrated the 12th birthday together with her owners Viviane, Daphné and Vincent. Rashida is still in good condition! Her Russian grandchilds: Ch.Beauté du Champ d'Ardoye, Ch.Mon ami pour Toujours Elliot, Faeton Nacambel, Ch.Capri Batangas, Ch.Caevin Nacambel, Vermeil de la Chaume du Bois Dieu.
13.11.05 StPetersbourg - Russia, regional CAC-show. Beauté du Champ d'Ardoye - BOB, Best female, CAC.
Minsk - Byelorus, CACIB-show. Mon Ami Pour Toujours Elliot ditt Linn - Best junior, JCAC, Young Champion of Byelorus.
5.11.05 Tartu - Estonia, CACIB. Gunp Ksans Pitersky Absolut (son of our Apollo) - BOB, best male, CACIB. (5 briards)
november new pictures on the page of Linn and in photoalboom of Euripid. on russian version - 5 new article about dogs (button Misk).
22/23.10.05 2nd World Championship for for French Shepherd Dogs, Chastre - Belgium, 43 dogs participated. Results on-line here. Big respect to all participants!
16.10.05 Raduno Italiano. Best male - Tamburell des Uns et des Autres, best female - Peach Melba del Bel Pastur. 32 briards, juidge Jean Lory (Fr).
15.10.05 Dortmund - Germany, CACIB Bundessiger. BOB - Ginko de la Rue de Flers. 40 briards, judges Griepenkerl and Gossens.
8.10.05 Nizhny Novgorod - Russia, CACIB-show. Mon Ami Pour Toujours Elliot (Linn) - BIG-4, BOB, Best junior, JCAC.
2.10.05 Deutche Selection, judges U.Zelenka and I.Gossens, 8 briard from 40 adult dogs received Sel.Ger, results on page "selection" ("misc").
1.10.05 Russian Ring Championship of Murmansk area "Cup of Hibiny - 2005". 19 dogs participated.
!!!our top-dog briard Desimon EMMANUEL - 1st place (43,7 points from 50) and Best veteran (11,5 years old).
2nd place - am.staff Paramon, 41,2 points. Other 5 dogs of the group A not confirm they qualification.
in the group B: briard DzholiAnzhio ot Magik Flame (granddaughter of our Apollo) - 11th place. Only one dog in group B received ring qualification, it's german sheperd with 41,4 points (from 50). Group A - dogs who has qualification already, group B - dogs without qualification. Pictures and complete results here.
october 29 new pictures on the pages of Euripid, Darsi, Linn, in the photoalbooms of Ring Championship of Murmansk area, Euripid, Gwendolen and Monika
18.09.05 Lodz - Poland, show of Polish Briardclub. BOB, Best male, Ch.Club - Alfio Arte Cassari, best fawn male - Amar Cedrett. Best female, Ch.Club - Axelle Cedrett. 61 briards, judges N.Stralkova (Cze) and K.Fiszdon (Pol).
17-18.09.05 NE France, BOB & best black female - Tartini dé Pittavini, best fawn - SexBomb des Plaines de Brotonn, Best male - SunnyBoy des Plaines de Brotonn, best black - Onyx du Clos des Felines.
17-18.09.05 Moscow area, 3 CAC-shows. Mon ami Pour Toujours Elliot dit Linn - 1). JCAC & Best Junior - Complete Young Champion of Russia; 2). 2ex in junior cl.; 3). 2ex in junior cl..
Darsi du Pont de la Sambre: 1). ex in open cl.; 2). BIG-3, BOB, Best male, CW open, 1ex.
Nizhny Novgorod area. Mohnatoe Chudo Euripid has passed the examination OKD successfully (russian course of training similar on ipo-b).
17.09.05 Mohnatoe Chudo Euripid has successfully passed examination OKD with the result 91/100 (russian course of obedience).
4.09.05 Moscow, CACIB-show. BOB, best male - Artua Vizhon Atilla, best female - Gisele Kelly's Dalido. 9 briards, judge P.Harshani (Hun)
4.09.05 Spain clubshow, BOB & best male - Fantastyko de Dasilva, best female - Ebano de Los Niegos. 80 briards, judge M.Santopietro (It)
september 3 new photos of Linn; 60 new summer pictures of views of Khibiny in the photoalboom of Kola peninsula. On the page "shows" some results of germany clubshows. On russian version - new translation about bloath, 1998.
28.08.05 Pskov - Russia, CACIB-show. Mohnatoe Chudo Dafna - BIG-2, BOB, Best female, CACIB, CAC, CW champ.cl.; Mon ami Pour Toujour Elliot ditt Linn - Best junior-male, JCAC; Mohnatoe Chudo Dunkan - v.g.; 9 briards, judge P.Stenton (Swe) and M.Sunde (Dk)
21.08.05 V.Novgorod - Russia, CACIB-show. Mohnatoe Chudo Dafna - RCACIB, CAC, CW champ.cl.; Mon ami Pour Toujour Elliot ditt Linn - Best junior, JCAC; BOB & best male - Cinnamon Votre Sante, best female - Gisele Kelly's Dalido. 16 briards, judge S.Shinko (Slovenia).
13.08.05 Sopot - Poland, CACIB-show. Mohnatoe Chudo Gwendolen - CWC in champ.cl.. Complete Champion of Poland!
7/8.08.05 France, Championship of UEBB. BOB - Desire Bohemia Elite, best male - Scapin du Vieux Dieu et de l'Alouett. 75 briards, judges Santopietro & Pareau.
august New photos on pages of Linn and Darsi, on russian version - new translations of Bloat Research Program Purdue University of 1995, 96, 97.
31.07.05 Ternopol, Ukraine, CAC-show. Mohnatoe Chudo Dafna - BOB, Best female, CAC, Champion of Ukraine on registration.
23.07.05 Oulu, Show of Finnish Briardclub. BOB & best female - Carter Monzerat Hollie, best male - Belzadar Gasaron. 47 briards, judge - Herve Blasselle (Fr).
17.07.05 Minsk, Byelorussia, CACIB-show. Mohnatoe Chudo Dafna - BOB, Best female, CACIB, CAC. Mohnatoe Chudo Dunkan McLeod - best male, CACIB, CAC. Dafna & Dunkan - Champion of Byelorussia on registration, Dafna - complete INTERCHAMPION!
16/17.07.05 Germany, show of CFH. BOB - Mariol Romani. Judges: Mrs Werhonig (Swi), Mr.Wollensack (Ger), 87 briards
9.07.05 Russia, Veterinary Academy of StPetersbourg, Mohnatoe Chudo Dafna - HD-B. Hurrah! Now we look for a male in Europe for a Dafna'matting in 2006.
10.07.05 Buenos-Aires, Argentina, World Championship. BOB, best female - Sexsyverysexy Della Val Del Foglia, best male - Dior Rainbeard on the Ball, judge J.Hindse-Madsen (Dk).
9/10.07.05 Clubschau BCD, Balve, Germany. BOB - Loup Romani, best female - Red Chili de la Corse Sauvage. 114 briards, judges P.Jacoulot & R.Wollensack.
july 75 new pics on page of Beaute, Dafna, Linn, Darsi, in photoalbooms: Dunkan, Monika, Till, Beauté, Euripid, Dafna, Children, Cats, Common, ClubShow'05, R.Ring 26.03.05, skijoring '05 etc.
25.06.05 StPetersbourg, CACIB-show "White Nights". Beaute du Champ d'Ardoye - RCACIB, CAC (open); Monika - CAC (working).
19.06.05 Pskov (Russia), regional CAC-show. Mohnatoe Chudo Dafna - BIS-3, BIG, BOB, CAC.
IPO-1 qualification, Mohnatoe Chudo Dafna - 77-82-83 points, judge - M.Polivanov.
11.06.05 Lion, Championship of France. 43 briards, judge: Mr Jianon, Karcher, Janicot. BOB, best female - SexBomb des Plaines de Brotonne (best black - Ebano de los Niegos), best male - Talismanik de la Chaume du Bois Dieu (best black - Uzes du Val de l'Auguis)
3.06.05 Tulln, Austria, European Championship. 40 briards, judge: C.Janes. BIG-3, BOB, best female - Angie Shaggy Kasiterit, Best male - Aron Nacambel. Russian briards: Linn (Mon ami Pour Toujours Elliot) - Best puppy-male; Vermeil de la Chaume du Bois Dieu - 3vg juniors; Fines Favorit Shevalie D'Gaston - 1ex intermedia; Fines Favorit Sheyla - CAC, CW & 1ex intermedia; Capri Batangas - 3ex working.
29.05.05 Danmark, Briardclubshow. 14 briards, judge O.Nielson. BOB, Best male - Toulous Indy, best female - Mon ami Pour Toujours Demi.
28.05.05 Sweden, BriardClubshow. BOB - Cartier Monzerat Flashy Fiona, Best male - Cartier Monzerat Hellas. Judge - P.Jacoulot, ~46 briards.
28.05.05 Odessa, Ukraine, CACIB-show. Faeton O'Nao Nacambel - BIG-2, BOB, CACIB, CAC.
22.05.05 Moscow, National Show of Russian Briardclub, judge Patrick Jacoulot, 38 briards.
BOB, Best female, best black female - Queen of the Dark Della val del Foglia
Best male - Fan z Wiezy Jaskolki
Beauté du Champ d'Ardoye - CW open class
Monika - 2ex champ.cl.
Mohnatoe Chudo Dafna - 2ex open class, 1er on IPO-1-B and 2nd on IPO-1-C
Mohnatoe Chudo DelamenDelta - 3ex open cl.
Mohnatoe Chudo Doirian - 2ex work.cl
Mohnatoe Chudo Dunkan McLeod - 2ex winners cl.
Mohnatoe Chudo Gwendolen - 2ex winners cl. Some pictures here
22.05.05 dutch Clubshow. BOB - Anastasia des Accordailles, best male - Urban Napoleaon du Jardin Borenzi. ~58 briards, judges - C.&J.Debrouwer
14/15.05.05 Belgian Clubshow and Selection. BOB - Apache du Bohemien, best female - Ultima Rejane van de ═oţlhoeve. ~67 briards, judges - C.&J.Debrouwer
14.05.05 Tallinn, Estonian Winner. Gunp Ksans Pitersky Absolut (Apollo's son) - Best male, CACIB, CAC
9.05.05 Moscow, reg.CAC-show "Yauza", Mohnatoe Chudo Dunkan McLeod - Best male, CAC. Complete Champion of Russia.
8.05.05 StPetersbourg, Russia, national CAC-show "Vivat Peterburg". Beauté du Champ d'Ardoye - BIG, BOB, CAC.
Show of Austrian Briardclub. BOB - Abbado Arte Cassari. 34 briards, judge - J.Debrouwer.
6.05.05 Dortmund, ESZ-05. BOB - Bateia des ┼nfants d'Olympe, best male - Gino v.d. Wanderschäferei. ~54 briards, judge M.Werkmeister.
1.05.05 Pskov, Russia, CAC-show. Mon Ami pour Toujour Elliot (Linn) - 2v.p. in puppies
23.04.05 V.Luki, Russia, CAC-show. Mon Ami pour Toujour Elliot (Linn) - Best puppy & BIP-2.
Kiev, Ukraine, CACIB-show. Faeton O'Nao Nacambel - RCACIB, CAC.
Sillamiae, Estonia, CAC-show. Gunp Ksans Pitersky Absolut - BIG-1, BOB & CAC.
21.04.05 Birthday of our Apollo and all first litter "A" Mohnatoe Chudo - 8 years.
17.04.05 StPetersbourg, Russia, CACIB-show "Peterburg Spring". Beauté du Champ d'Ardoye - RCACIB, CAC. Mon Ami pour Toujour Elliot (Linn) - Best puppy & BIP-2! (first show of Linn).
april 17 new pics on page of Mon Ami pour Toujour Elliot and Gunp Ksans Pitersky Absolut, in photoalbooms Euripid, Children.
26.03.05 Russian Ring Championship of North-West of Russia, Apatity. Our super-veteran Emmanuel - 2nd place!!! (34 dogs participated, from different towns of Russia). Our teame "Hibiny" - 1st place in group A! Complete results and many pictures of all dogs here.
26.03.05 StPetersbourg, Russia. National CAC-show "Soyuz". Beauté du Champ d'Ardoye - BOB, CAC.
24.03.05 Birthday of our website - exactly 5 years in the network!
19.03.05 Ryazan', Russia. regional show of Briardclub. 10 briards, judge N.Volkova. BOB & Best female - Quin of the Dark della val del Foglia, best male - Fines Favorit Shevalier D'Gaston.
13.03.05 Crafts, England. BOB & Best female - Touslefell Buff Beauty, Best male - Ready Teddy Go To Peluche. Judge - R.G.Knight, 80 briards.
march 27 new pictures in photoalbooms of Euripid, Till, Children and on the page of Darsi.
27.02.05 Kirovsk, Murmansk area, Russia. Town Skijoring Championship.
Distance 400 m: 1st place & Champion of town (in 2nd time) - Mohnatoe Chudo Gelios. 2nd place - Monika, 3rd - Mohnatoe Chudo Apollo, 4th - Desimon Emmanuel.
100m: Gelios - 5th place, Apollo - 7th, Monika & Emmanuel - 9/10 (16 dogs participated). Speed detention - Monika - 5th place. Complete results and pictures here
26.02.05 Moscow, CACIB "Eurasia". BOB, Best female, CACIB - Fines Favorit Rumba. Best male, CACIB - Rino (son of our Apollo). Judge Jacques Medard-Ringuet (Fr), 14 briards.
13.02.05 Poland, Bydgoszcz, CWC-show. Mohnatoe Chudo Gwendolen - Best female & CWC.
Tallinn, Estonia, CACIB-show. Gunp Ksans Pitersky Absolut - BOB, CACIB, CAC.
february 9 new pictures on the page of Mon Ami pour Toujours Elliot and in photoalboom of Skijoring championship.
10.01.05 StPetersbourg, Russia. Regional CAC-show "Christmas Dog Show". Beauté du Champ d'Ardoye - BIS-3, BIG, BOB, CAC.
january 2005 16 new pics on the photoalbooms: Dunkan, Monika, People, Common, Children, on the page of Mon Ami pour Toujours Elliot, and also in the photoalbooms: Pskov, StPetersbourg, Kola peninsula.

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