24.12.06 Apatity - Russia, Towage of sledge, 14 dogs participated, 1 briard - Monika - 7th place, pictures here.
19.12.06 Today our Emmanuel has died. She had 12,5 years of of very hot life. Please hug your dogs - they do for us so much...
Happy New Year! Thank all for New Year's and Christmas congratulations! We wish all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I add all your christmas cards on special page of russian version our site, so as all participants of Briard.Ru can to see them.
Merci par tout pour les félicitations du Nouvel an et de Noël!
Danke von allem für neujahrs- und die Weihnachtengratulationen!
17.12.06 StPetersbourg - Russia, CACIB-show "Newsky WInner". Beauté du Champ d'Ardoye - BOB. Judge - Leni Nousiainen (Fin), 2 briards.
Regional show of Briardclub. Beauté du Champ d'Ardoye - BOB, best female. Judge - Alexandrov (Rus), 13 briards.
9.12.06 Helsinki - Finland, CACIB-show "Finnish WInner". BOB, best female - Zhamaanen Yippee Yahoo, Best male - Cartier Monzerat Hocky. 33 briards, judge - Gunnel Holm (Fin), results on page "show".
26.11.06 StPetersbourg - Russia, national CAC-show. Beauté du Champ d'Ardoye - BOB, best female, CAC
25.11.06 Sillamäe - Estonia, CAC-show. Gunp Ksans Pitersky Absolut - BIG-4, BOB, best male.
9.11.06 Poznan - Poland, Championship of World, CACIB.
BOB - Tamburell des Uns et des Autres, best female - Kenia de los Niegos
Xocipili du Champ d'Ardoye - vice champion, Bhishma (brother of our Beauté) - exc in open class.
Macho (Broyt z Andaye) - also vice-champion of World!
pictures of Tamburell & Macho from Macary: photo1, photo2, photo3
14/15.10.06 Tver' - Russia. Darsi du Pont de la Sambre, IPO-2: 88-94-96, judge Denisova (Rus)
6/8.10.06 France - IV Inter Championship for French Shepherd Dogs. IPO: 25 dogs participated, judges: M. Lieb (Fr) & M. Fondeur (Lux). IPO-3 (11 dogs): 1st place - bouvier Zephyr v.d. Stater (95-94-90), 2nd - beauceron Sania de la Caste du Clos Thomas (99-88-89), 3rd - briard Masco de la Cruche d'Argile (92-84-84). Other briards: Usine van de Hoolhoeve - 4th place, Baccara du Pont de la Sambre - 9th, Zidane du Noble Nid - 10th. Complete results and pictures on website of organisers.
october New briard on the site - Artua Vizhon Altess (StPetersbourg).
30.09.06 Czech Republic - Havirov, Show of Czech briardclub. BOB - Harry Potter Dalido, judge - J.Debrouwer (Fr).
30.09.06 Apatity - Russia. Russian Ring Championship of Murmansk area, CACT. 14 dogs participated, general judge - Alexej Breikin (Moscow). Briards: our Desimon Emmanuel - 4th place on group A with 15 points from 50. Dzholi Anzhio ot Magik Flame - 3rd place on group B with 13,5 points from 50. Complete results and pics here
30.09.06 Moscow, CACIB "Rossija". BOB, best female - Dallas Armani ot Magik Flame, best male - Vermeil de la Chaume du Bois Dieu.
17.09.06 Lodz - Poland, Show of Polish Club of briards & beauserons. 64 briards, judges: J.van der Biest (Bel) & A.Pulikowska-Klimonda (Pol), BOB - Gean Brikasta, best male - Aron Nacambel.
16/17.09.06 Autun - France, National d'Elevage: show and selection of ABB.
judges: E.Hapaniemi (Fin), G.Pareau, P.Jacoulot, H.Blassele (all Fr), ~150 briards, selection have passed 33.
males blak: Best male, CACS - Alfio Arte Cassari, rcacs - Le Storm Xelent
males fawn: CACS - Balboa du Noble Nid, rcacs - Zhabo du Mas de Chantranne
females black: BOB, best female, CACS - Briardale une Signe de Terroir (USA, our congratulation to our former compatriot Olga!), rcac - Tsera du Val de l'Auguis
fem fawn: CAC - Desire Bohemia Elite, rcacs - Abril de Haberlas Hailas
we: Beauté and Darsi - exc in open classes, Darsi also had passed caracter test with very heigh points 19/20 and received HD index A.
16/24.09.06 USA - Chicago, Show and selection of American Briardclub. 147 briards, 19 adult have passed selection. BOB - Deja Vu Ruffles Have Ridges, best male - K'Instant Success Moravia Campanella. Результаты в "Выставках".
2.09.06 Spain, show an dselection of Spain Briardclub, judge R.Wollensack (G), BOB - Apache du Noble Nid, best female - Rumba de Dasilva.
27.08.06 Pskov - Russia, CACIB-show. Mohnatoe Chudo Dafna - RCACIB, CAC. Mon Ami Pour Toujours Elliot - Best male, CACIB, CAC. BOB was La Toya Moravia Campanella.
19.08.06 Moscow. Darsi du Pont de la Sambre and his owner Irina has successfully passed examination IPO-1!
5&13.08.06 Ozolnieke - Latvia, CACIB-show. Mohnatoe Chudo Dafna - best female, CACIB, CAC (=Ch.Latvia); Monika - RCACIB. Judge - Seamus Oates (Irl).
Vilnus - Lithuania, CACIB-show. Mohnatoe Chudo Dafna - best female, CACIB, CAC (=Ch.Lithuania); Monika - v.g.. Judge Piotr Sliwka (Pol).
july/august 18 new photos: Deatnu, Monika, Darsi, Euripid, on page "puppies" - pics of Ksans's puppies and Linn's puppies, on page "Dafna's matting" - new pics of Macho. On russian version: russian translation of english article about bloat, 7 new russian links about bloat, article about Brie cheese.
15/16.07.06 Show of Germany Briardclub, 92 briards, judges: M.Werkmeister (Ger) & A.Thevenon (Fr). BOB, best male - Avensis des Charmantes Crapules, Best female - CurleySue de l'Etoile de Panache.
15/16.07.06 Show and selection of Finnish Briadclub, 65 briards, judge J.Debrouwer (Fr). BOB, best female - Zhamanen Pas de Deux, Best male - Cartier Monzerat Hoffa.
Deatnu du Champ d'Ardoye: exc in open class and FINNISH SELECTION 2006! (only 7 briards have passed selection.)
25.06.06 StPetersbourg - Russia, CACIB-show "White Night". Beauté du Champ d'Ardoye - BOB, best female, CACIB.
18.06.06 Apatity - Russia, Competition "Controllable City Dog", 19 dogs participated. Monika - 6th place, 35 points from 60.
18.06.06 Paris - Championship of France, 51 briards, judge J.Dillies. BOB - Talismanik de la Chaume du Bois Dieu (CACS - Sapeur and Texel), best female & blavk CACS - Unique de la Chaume du Bois Dieu (fawn CACS - Shanna).
17.06.06 Olten - Switzerland, Show of Swiss briardclub, 62 briards, judges: M.Werkmeister & J.Snelling. BOB, best male - Agassi de l'Oasis Romantique; best female - Li-Liy Romani.
Bhishma du Champ d'Ardoye - CAC, CW open, 2nd fawn male. Children of Xocipili and Tempo - 2 CAC.... and best kennel (du Manoir d'Uzès)
10.06.06 Genape - Belgium, Show of Belgian Briardclub, 110 briards, judges: H.Blassel & G.Pareau (Fr)
BOB, best female - Zenia du Champ d'Ardoye, 2nd - Noemi Romani
Best male - Apache du Noble Nid, 2nd - SunnyBoy des Plaines de Brotonne. Thanks Tine for the speed results!
10.06.06 Helsinki - Finland, European Championship, 35 briards, judge Guy Mansecal (Fr).
BOB, Best male, Ch.Europe (in second time) - Aron Anao Nacambel (Cze).
Vice-Ch.Eur - Broyt z Andaye (Pol).
Best female, Ch.Eur - Deatnu du Champ d'Ardoye (Fin).
Vice-Ch.Eur - Fines Favorit Rumba (Rus).
results from Finnish briard-forum (ERI - exc., EH - v.g., AVO - open cl, NUO - intermedia cl, KÄY - working, VAL - champions, sert - cac, vaca - rcacib)
3.06.06 Tallinn - Estonia, CACIB-show "Baltic Winner 2006". Gunp Ksans Pitersky Absolut (son of our Apollo) - BOB, CACIB, Baltic Winner 2006!
Pskov - Russia, reg CAC-show. Mohnatoe Chudo Dafna - BIG-3, BOB, CAC.
Norway Briard Clubshow, BOB - Li-Brie's Legolas the Legendary.
june 19 new photos on the pages: MC Dafna, MC Dorian; in photoalbooms: Monika, MC Dafna, Linn, Cats, Peolple, Children, Gen.Webmaster. See also puppies'page
28.05.06 Austrian Briardclub show, judge Vito Zambelli, BOB - Alfio Arte Cassari.
21.05.06 Moscow, National show of briardclub, judge: Cristiane Comby (Sw), 36 briards.
Beauté du Champ d'Ardoye - Best fawn female, CW champions, complete Champion of Russian BriardClub!
Monika - CW working and 2nd place in competition for Best detention
Mohnatoe Chudo Dorian - CW working
Darsi du Pont de la Sambre - CW open, 1st in competition of OKD.
Mon ami Pour Toujours Elliot (Linn) - v.g. in intermedia class
BOB - Aragon Badria's Darling, best female - Queen of the Dark Della val del Foglia. Complete results on the page "Shows"
20/21.05.06 Latvia - Valmiere, CACIB-show. Gunp Ksans Pitersky Absolut (son of our Apollo) - BOB, CACIB, Champion of Latvia
Plunge - Lithuania, CAC-show. Ksans - BOB, CAC, Champion of Lithuania and complete Champion of Baltia.
14.05.06 Dutch Clubshow, 85 briards, judges: P.Jacoulot & M.Werkmeister, BOB (in second time) - Anastacia des Accordailles, best male - Jannik vom Vossberg. Thanks Ruud de Munck fro the results!
Mohnatoe Chudo Dafna was matted in Lodz (Poland) with MultiCh Broyt z Andaye (Macho). More info here
may 17 new pictures of MC Dfana, Linn, Gunp Ksans and Deatnu du Champ d'Ardoye. See also puppies'page.
29/30.04.06 Kiev - Ukraine, CACIB-show "Cup of Mer". Broyt z Andaye (Macho) - BOB, best male, CACIB, CAC (5 briards, judge P.Hirshanij, Hun).
CACIB-show "Ukraine". Macho - BOB, best male, CACIB, CAC (6 briards, judge J.H.Eberhardt, Ger)
22.04.06 Narva - Estonia, CAC-show. Gunp Ksans Pitersky Absolut (son of MC Apollo) - BOB, best male. Best female, CAC & Ch.Est - La Toja Moravia Campanella.
15.04.06 StPetersbourg, CACIB-show "Peterbourg Spring". BOB, best female, CACIB, CAC - La Toja Moravia Campanella.
avril 5 new pics in the photoalbooms of Mohnatoe Chudo Dendy and Mon Ami Pour Toujours Elliot (Linn), 21 new winter landscapes in photoalboom "Kola peninsula", enjoy! On russian version - new article for briard's owner, the button "misc".
19.03.06 IV Russian Ring Championship of North-West of Russia, CACT, Apatity - Murmansk area. Our Emmanuel again THE BEST! But with very small points :) Very hard day for all of competitors... Complete results and pictures are here
march New briard on our site - Deatnu du Champ d'Ardoye (Finland). 6 new winter pictures in photoalboom of Darsi du Pont de la Sambre.
25/26.02.06 Moscow - Russia, CACIB-show Eurasia-1: BOB - Grande, best female - Fines Favorit Sheila. Linn (Mon ami pour Toujour Elliot) - best junior, Darsi du Pont de la Sambre - 3ex in open class. Judge - P.Munteanu (Rum), 18 briards.
CACIB Eurasia-2: BOB - Fines Favorit Rumba, best male - Artua Vizhon Atilla. Linn - best junior-male, Darsi - 2ex. Judge - B.Spoljaric (Cro), 17 briards.
25.02.06 Kirovsk - Russia, Skijoring Championship of town, 10 dogs. Distance ~100m: Monika - 3rd place, Mohnatoe Chudo Gelios - 8th, Mohnatoe Chudo Apollo - 9th. Speed detention: Monika - 3rd place, Apollo - 7th, Gelios - 9th. Complete results and pics here.
4.02.06 Razan' - Russia, regional show of Briardclub, 11 briards, judge - R.Khomasuridze. BOB - Artua Vizhon Atilla, best female - Fines Favorit Sheila.
february 30 new pictures on the page of Linn, in photoalbooms of Skijoring 2006, Dendy and Euripid, on russian version - 8 new articles about displasy.
29.01.06 Apatity - Russia, Towage of sledge, 14 dogs participated. Monika - 9th place. Results and pictures here. Next - skijoring in Kirovsk 26.02.06
15.01.06 StPetersbourg - Russia, national CAC-show "North Venice". Beauté du Champ d'Ardoye - BIS-4, BIG, BOB, CAC (judge - E.Erusalimsky).
january 17 new pictures on the page of Faeton, Ksans, Towage of sledge, in photoalbooms: Faeton, Dafna, Children
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