Monika - BOB of National clubshow, 23.05.04, Moscow, her breeder Olga Pokidysheva, the judge Corinne Debrouwer and the Cup of Jari Pellas, photo: Volkova, 400x400p, 40kb  Monika - BOB in National clubshow, 18.05.02, Moscow, her breeder Olga Pokidysheva and the judge Marzio Santopietro, photo: Trubina, 400x305p, 41kb

briard Monika, 24 months, Apatity, august 02, photo: Trubina, 400x335p, 62kb  Monika with Elena Kozlova (owner of his father Apollo), 23.11.03, StPeterburg, Best female on Regional clubshow, photo: Polyakov, 400x337p, 36kb  Monika, Minsk (Byelorussia), 6.04.02, RCACIB, photo: Trubina, 688x500p, 94kb


30.08.00 - 31.07.15
Grand Champion of National Briardclub, 5xChampion of National Briardclub
Best briard of National Shows of Russian Briardclub 2002 & 2004
CIB, CIE, Champion of Russia, Byelorus & Finland
IPO-1, Russian Ring, BH, UGS, 5xCACIB, 4xR.CACIB, 15xCAC
father: Int.Ch. Mohnatoe Chudo Apollo
mother: Ch.Rus. Blondi s Beregov Oki
br. Olga Pokidysheva (Moscow), The pedigree RKF1144269
ow. Svetlana Trubina (Apatity - Murmansk area)
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dateshowresultjudgekm to home
19.05.01Moscow, National show of briardclubBest puppy, CW, 1v.p.J.Pellas (Fin)1800
24.06.01Sankt-Petersbourg, CACIB "White nights"Best junior, CW, 1excM.Redlizky (Pol)1300
8.09.01Lodz, Show of Polish briardclub5ex in junior classJ.Nicievich (Pol)3000
30.09.01Apatity (Murm.area), reg.showBest junior, CW, 1exc--
10.11.01StPeterburg, CACIB "Newsky Winner"Best junior, CW, 1excN.Sedych (Rus)1300
11.11.01StPb, reg. show of briardclubBest junior-female, CW, 1excV.Ivanicheva (Rus)1300
16.12.01Kiev, Ukraine, CACIB "Cristal Cup"Best female, CACIB, CAC, CW intermedia, 1excM.Iliev (Rum)2700
19.01.02Murmansk, regional show of briardclubCW (interm.), CCSormont (Bye)200
19.01.02Murmansk, national CACBest female, CACBaklushin (Rus)200
23.02.02Moscow, CACIB "Eurasia"R.CACIB, CAC, CW interm., 1excG.Vandoni (Ita)1800
17.03.02Murmansk, regional CACCAC, BOB, BIG, BIS-3Sipjagina (Rus)200
6.04.02Minsk, Byelorus, CACIB "Cup of Byelorus"R.CACIB, CAC, CW interm.clS.Radjuk (Bye)2050
11.05.02Murmansk, reg CACw/e, open cl.Nikitin (Rus)200
18.05.02Moscow, National show of briardclubBOB, Best female, Champion of Club, CChCl, CC, CW (open), 1ExM.Santopietro (Ita)1800
25.05.02Moscow, CACIB "Gold Domed"Best female, CACIB, CAC, CW, 1excRidarcikova (Slo)1800
29.06.02StPeterburg, CACIB "White Nights"2exc in interm.classR.Homasuridze (Rus)1300
28.07.02Polish briardshow, Wrozlaw4exc in interm.classH.Blasselle (Fra)3850
03.11.02Apatity (Murmansk area), reg CACCAC, BOB, BIG-3E.Bauzhes (Rus)-
17.11.02Polyarnye Zory (Murm. area), reg CACCAC, BOB, BIGE.Erusalimskaja (Rus)50
1.12.02StPeterburg, regional show of briardclubCW (cl.of winners), CCKuleshova (Rus)1300
16.03.03Murmansk, reg show of briardclubw/e, cl.of winnersNikitin (Rus)200
16.03.03Murmansk, regional CACCAC, BOB, BIG-3Shvets (Rus)200
6.04.03Apatity (Murm. area), reg CACEx in open classN.Kharatihsvili (Rus)-
26.04.03StPeterburg, CACIB "Peterburg Spring"BOB, CACIB, CAC, CW (open), 1excS.Gladstone (USA)1300
17.05.03Petrozavodsk (Karelia), regional show of briardclubBest female, CChCl, CC, CW (champ.), 1excI.Baranova (Rus)800
17.05.03Petrozavodsk, national CACBIG-3, BOB, CAC, CW (champ), 1excN.Sedych (Rus)800
8.06.03Moscow, national show of briardclub2nd female, CW (class of winners), CChCl, CC, 1excC.Janes (Aus)1800
28.06.03StPeterburg, CACIB "White nights"RCACIB, CAC, CW (open), 1excL.Mach (Swi)1300
23.11.03StPeterburg, regional show of briardclubBest female, CChCl, CC, CW (champ.)R.Homasuridze (Rus)1300
7.02.04Murmansk, regional show of briardclub2nd female, CW (champ.), CCV.Ivanishtcheva (Rus)200
23.05.04Moscow, National show of briardclubBOB, Best female, Champion of Club, CW (class of winners), CChCl, CC, 1ExC.DeBrouwer (Fra)1800
27.06.04StPeterburg, CACIB "White Nights"vg, open clP.Hirsanyj (Hun)1300
12.12.04StPeterburg, CACIB "Nevsky Winner"3rd in arrang.of females, CAC, CW work, 1excO.Staunskjer (Dan)1300
12.12.04StPeterburg, regional show of briardclubvg, work clChtchepetova (Rus)1300
22.05.05Moscow, national show of briardclub2exc in champion class, CC, descriptionP.Jacoulot (Fra)1800
25.06.05StPetersbourg, CACIB-show "White Nights"3rd in arrang.of females, CAC, CW working, 1excW.Werbitsky (Bye)1300
21.05.06Moscow, National show of Briardclub3rd in arrang.of females, 1exc, CC, CW (working), CChCl, descriptionC.Comby (Swi)1800
5.08.06Vilnus - Lithuania, CACIB-showv.g. work clPiotr Sliwka (Pol)2180
13.08.06Ozolnieke - Latvia, CACIB-showRCACIB, CW work, 1excSeamus Oates (Irl)2080
19.05.07Moscow, National show of BriardclubCChCl, CC, CW & 1exc in, descriptionJ.Debrouwer (Fr)1800
5.01.08Kajaani - Finland, CACIB-show1exc in working cl, 4th in best femalesLeni Finne (Fin)650
2.11.08Apatity, regional CAC-showBest veteran, CW, 1exc ( (Rus)-
18.07.09Oulu - Finland, CACIB-showBest female, CACIB, Sert(=CAC), 1exc in working clGeorgy Shogol (Georgia)700
19.07.09Oulu - Finland, CACIB-showBest female, CACIB, 1exc in working cl, videoAnatoly Zhuk (Blr)700

Sporting results
25.12.11ApatityPitch&Go7th place from 13, 140 points. pics and results
25.09.11MontchegorskPitch&Go3rd place from 11, cat.maxi (220 points); pics and results & pics on FB
15.05.11Montchegorsk"Controllable City Dog"3rd place from in group A, 56 points from 60; pics and results
20.03.11ApatityPitch&Go3rd place from 8, cat. maxi, 190 points. pics and results
12.03.11ApatityBH test46/60 points, Q.; Pics & pics on FB
24.10.10Montchegorsk"Controllable City Dog"2nd place in group A; 53/60 points
3.10.10ApatityRussian Ring, championship of Murmansk area1st place in group B; 38,9/50 points=qualifying; video, results and pics
27.06.10Apatity"Controllable City Dog"n/q (39/60); video
13.06.10MurmanskBHBH: 2nd place from 8, 54 points=qualification; Pics
30.05.10MontchegorskPitch&Go & KoPitch&Go: 3rd place from 14 in cat."standart" (210 points - 12 pitches); Speed detention: 3rd place from 13; Pics
28.03.10KirovskWinter Dog OlympiadPitch&Go + Towage of sledge: pics
14.03.10ApatityRussian Ring, championship of North-West of RussiaVideo 1; video 2; pics
7.03.10ApatityWinter Dog OlympiadPitch&Go: 1st place from 14, 210 points;
Towage of sledge: 15/17. Video; pics
17.10.09Montchegorsk"Controllable City Dog"n/q; video 1
4.10.09ApatityRussian Ring, championship of Murmansk areagroup B - 6,6/50; pics
30.08.09ApatityPitch&Go2nd place from 15 in cat."maxi", 195 points - 12 pitchs. Video. pics
14.06.09ApatityCanicross400m: 6th place from 11; 46,09 sec. video
13.06.09ApatityCompetition "Controllable City Dog"5th place from 8, group A (40 points from 60 = qualification UGS). Video - part I; video - part II
8.03.09ApatityRussian Ring, championship of North-West of Russia10th place from 16, group B (6 points from 50); pics
28.02.09KirovskWinter Dog OlympiadPitch and Go: 165 points; place 9/9.
Towage of sledge, 100m: 13,45sec; place 15/17.
Speed detention, 30m: 5,52sec; place 12/14
22.02.09ApatityWinter Dog OlympiadPitch and Go: 210 points/13 throws; place 3/16.
Towage of sledge, 100m: 26,12sec; place 22/25.
Speed detention, 30m: 6,34sec; place 15/16
4.10.08ApatityRussian Ring, championship of Murmansk area3/6 place, group B (7,5/50 points)
28.06.08StPetersbourgRussian Ring, championship of StPetersburg23rd place from 31, group A (8 points from 50)
22.06.08ApatityCity Championship "Controllable City Dog"Controlable city dog: 6/7 place in group A (22,5/60 points)
Defense city dog: 0/50 points
10.03.08ApatityRussian Ring, championship of North-West of Russia3rd place from 5, group B (10 points from 50)
23.02.08KirovskTowage of sledge70m: 13th place from 17 (13,2sec)
speed detention: 9th place from 14 (40m - 3,97sec)
19.02.08ApatityTowage of sledge75m: 15th place from 16 (15,37sec)
speed detention: 3rd place from 13 (25m - 3,59sec)
30.09.07ApatityRussian Ring, championship of Murmansk area3rd place from 5, group B (19,3 points from 50)
30.06.07ApatityCity Championship "Controllable City Dog"Controlable city dog: 14th place from 19 (22 points from 60)
Defence city dog: 0 points from 40 (7 dogs, 3 with 0)
10.03.07ApatityRussian Ring, championship of North-West of Russia1st place from 7, group B (19 points from 50)
24.12.06ApatityTowage of sledge~70m: 7th place from 14 (10 sec)
18.06.06ApatityCompetition "Controllable City Dog"6th place from 19 (35 points from 60)
21.05.06MoscowNational Show of Briardclub, Competition for Best detention2nd place from 5
25.02.06KirovskSkijoring, championship of town~100m: 3rd place from 10 (18,65 sec)
speed detention: 3rd place from 10
29.01.06ApatityTowage of sledge~70m: 9th place from 14 (8,79 sec)
27.02.05KirovskSkijoring, championship of town100m: 9th place from 16 (13 sec)
400m: 2th place from 4 (1min 28 sec)
speed detention: 5th from 13
02.10.04ApatityRussian Ring, championship of areagroup B: 3th place from 7 (14,6 points from 50)
23.05.04MoscowIPO-1-B, National Briard Show3rd place from 3 (34 points from 85)
7.03.04KirovskSkijoring, championship of town100m: 8th place from 21 (10,2 sec)
400m: 5th place from 7 (55,65 sec)
22.02.04ApatityWinter Dog OlympiadOKD (russian course ~ ipoB+C): demonstration
Towage of sledge, 40 m: 5th place from 15 (9sec)
18.10.03KirovskIPO qualifyingIPO-1: 215p (A-70, B-70, C-75)
8.06.03MoscowIPO-1-B, National Briard Show5th place from 5 (38 points from 85)
17.05.03Petrozavodsk, briardclubshowcaracter testing RKFT-1
22.02.03ApatityRussian Ring, championship of North-West of Russia22th place from 24, group B (9,3 points from 50)
17.03.02MurmanskIPO-1-B qualifyingI don't remember results

The physical data
height62width of breast18
lenght of head27(12/15)head in circumference46
slanting lenght73chest in circumference74
HDD (RKF, 2002)wrist in circumference12
pra (gen.)ok (Poland, 2001)weight33

Briard Monika (canvas, oil), © Nikolaev, 2002
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