Skijoring town championship
Kirovsk, Murmansk area, Russia, 7.03.04

Judge - Irina Tchurikova (Kirovsk)
Organizer and sponsor - Committee on physical training, sports and tourism of administration of town Kirovsk
weather: -5° C and the sun, the line is firm snow.
21 dogs participated
briards - Desimon Emamnuel (9,5 years)
Mohnatoe Chudo Apollo (7 years)
Mohnatoe Chudo Gelios (3 years)
Monika (3,5 years)

Gelios and Elena Kozlova, 1st prize on 400m, photo: Trubina, 27kb, 400x240p.  Apollo and Elena Kozlova, 400m, photo: Trubina, 23kb, 400x244p.
Monika and Jana Kamalutdinova, ski training, photo: Trubina, 20kb, 400x361p.  Monika and Jana, 400m, photo: Trubina, 24kb, 400x255p.  Emmanuel and Elena Kozlova, 400m, photo: Trubina, 33kb, 500x281p.
Monika and Elena Kozlova, distance 100m, photo: Trubina, 500x211p, 35kb
Emmanuel and Elena Kozlova, 100m, photo: Belinskaya, 420x300p, 40kb  Emmanuel and Elena Kozlova, 100m, photo: Trubina, 500x224p, 37kb
Gelios and Elena Kozlova, 100 m, photo: Belinskaya, 470x350p, 43kb  Gelios and Elena Kozlova, 100 m, photo: Trubina, 500x211p, 31kb
Apollo is looker-on, photo: Trubina, 38kb, 359x300p  Monika's start and all briards, photo: Belinskaya, 300x300p, 33kb  Monika front start, photo: Belinskaya, 400x283p, 33kb
Emmanuel, Gelios, Apollo is lookers-on, photo: Belinskaya, 25kb, 300x300p  Monika, photo: Belinskaya, 200x329p, 15kb  Apollo, Monika, Gelios, photo: Belinskaya, 400x222p, 21kb
Apollo and Monika, photo: Belinskaya, 300x291p, 18kb  Apollo, Monika, Gelios and Emmanuel, photo: Belinskaya, 500x211p, 27kb
dachshund Luka, 100m, photo: Belinskaya, 400x300p, 34kb  boxer Elza, 100m, photo: Belinskaya, 414x240p, 31kb
metis Mart, 100m, photo: Belinskaya, 300x400p, 33kb  grandschnauzer Chemberlen, 100m, photo: Belinskaya, 391x300p, 36kb  airedale Ais, 100m, photo: Belinskaya, 330x220p, 19kb
german sheppard Don - 2e place 100m, photo: Belinskaya, 368x240p, 26kb  german sheppard Jordan, 100m, photo: Belinskaya, 400x209p, 30kb
rotweiller Booch, 100m, photo: Belinskaya, 500x250p, 28kb  400m, the prizewinners, photo: Bulynia, 500x264p, 50kb
Don, 2e place 100m, photo: Bulynia, 38kb, 300x300p  Luka - best small dog, photo: Bulynia, 300x300p, 24kb  Dofin - best old dog, photo: Bulynia, 300x300, 28kb

Distance ~400m *

2Chemberlengrand schnauzerSventitsky51,0
3Jordangerman sheepKozlova54,22
7Taisongerman sheepKalinina1°01'

Distance ~100m *

1Grandgerman sheepShulepov9,06
2Dongerman sheepBlinnikov9,25
5Taisongerman sheepKalinina9,38
6Jordangerman sheepFrolov9,5
7Chemberlengrand schnauzerSventitsky9,57
9EmmanuelbriardKamalutdinova10,13 data10,22
(5 months old)

Prize for the oldest dog - rottweiler Dofin (10 years)
Prize for the smallest dog - dachshund Luka
Prize "Super-staff" - am.staff.terrier Bonia
* Lengths of distances are approximate
** Driver of all dogs is Elena Kozlova

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