Blondi, photo: Volkova, 360x480p, 38kb  Blondi, 560x366p, 45kb  Blondi, 333x286p, 36kb  Blondi, 271x236p, 16kb, photo: Matselik
Blondi, photo: Volkova, 360x300p, 31kb  Blondi, 488x400p, 36kb, photo: Trubina  Blondi, 233x177p, 8kb, photo: Matselik  Blondi, 173x177p, 8kb, photo: Matselik

BLONDI s Beregov Oki

Champion of Russia & Russian Briardclub
exam.: OKD, ZKS, UGS, ZGS, Russian Ring, Agility
3 x Best female-reproductor of National Briardclub (2001, 2002 & 2003)
b.06.03.96, RKF 0000288
HD-B (Moscow, Rus)
father: Kirmix Kyr Royal
mother: Dezirei Adel
br. Sokolov (Ryazan'), ow. Olga Pokidysheva (Moscow)

Blondi's litters:
7.07.99 - 3 fawn males "F" out from Ontario Variete (imported from Poland). You can found Fortunati here
30.08.00 - 4 fawn puppies "M" out from Mohnatoe Chudo Apollo. In our site you can see Ch.Monika and Marseille.
26.09.01 - fawn puppies "G" out from Eliotte z Krainy Mgiel (also imp.Pol)
09.05.02 - 6 fawn puppies "D - Mohnatoe Chudo" out from Apollo. You can see Delamen, Ch.Dafna (HD-B), Dendy, Ch.Dorian and Ch.Dunkan (HD-A).
06.07.03 - 8 puppies "A" out from Apollo.
The pedigree of the puppies Blondi x Apollo.
Blondi has brother Belvis and sister Beauty.

2004: Alfred & Angelina (rkf1609985) from "A" litter
Alfred, photo: Volkova, 400x360p, 40kb  Alfred, photo: Volkova, 400x350p, 40kb  Angelina, photo: Volkova, 400x370p, 40kb  Angelina, photo: Volkova, 400x380p, 40kb  Angelina, photo: Volkova, 380x380p, 37kb

the father of Blondi - Kirmix Kyr Royal (ow.Marina Batrak, Moscow)

Kikmix Kyr Royal, 400x300p, 36kb  Kikmix Kyr Royal, 330x300p, 30kb  Kikmix Kyr Royal, 330x300p, 31kb