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Hello, my name is Svetlana (or Sveta, or Claire), I'm the manager and webmaster of this site.
e-mail: (please ask return receipt if you send important message because spam-filter)
phones: 7(815)5563357, mob.+7(921)2843678, I speak (very very bad) French and English.
skype: svetlana.trubina

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post-address: 2a-47, Lenina st., Apatity, Murmansk region, 184209, Russia
(It's Far North of Russia, near to borders with Norway and Finland, you can see the pictures and read about on my page Kola peninsula)

my dogs:
Jusié Antoine Carré LeNez
Fleurette (pyrenean shepherd)

my work:
Kola Scientific Centre
This site is my hobby, I work in Institute of Chemistry in Laboratory of rare metals.

I shall be very glad, if you will like my site

It's me in Paris, 2002  me and reindeers, 2008  Me and Monika, 2002  Me and Beaute du Champ d'Ardoye, 2003 me and Darsi du Pont de la Sambre, 2008

Many thanks to the person without which existence of this site would be impossible:
Nikolay Prokhorov