<I-st Russian Ring Championship of Sankt-Petersbourg 2004.
StPetersbourg, 26.06.04
in limits of CACIB-show "White Nights"

Judges - Andrej Blinnikov (Apatity)
          Irina Tchurikova (Kirovsk)
          Julia Kravtsova (StPetersbourg)
figurants (disturbers): Sergej Markov (StPetersbourg)
          Zoritko Gombozhapov (Moscow)
          Roman Isakov (StPetersbourg)
          Vitaliy Aksionov ()
Oraganizers: Kynofily Centre of StPetersbourg, general sponsor - Ekanuba.
The weather: 25°C, hot sun, cover - sand.
28 dogs participated (german sheeps, rottweilers, am.staffs, am.bouldogs, grand schnauzers, pitboul, ost-european sheep, malinois, airdale, black russian terrier, doberman, boxers, briard)

One briard - Desimon Emmanuel (10 years), owner and guid Jana Kamalutdinova.

Emmanuel, 2nd exercise., photo: Trubina, 42kb, 400x400p.  Emmanuel, 2nd ex., photo: Trubina, 17kb, 300x350p.  Emmanuel, 3rd ex., photo: Trubina, 25kb, 340x300p.
Emmanuel, 4th exercise - 3 figurants, photo: Trubina, 39kb, 450x265p.  Emmanuel, 4th ex., photo: Trubina, 39kb, 400x290p.
Emmanuel, 4th ex., photo: Trubina, 22kb, 400x400p.  Emmanuel, photo:Trubina, 33kb, 300x4000p.
Prizewinners of groupe A, photo: Trubina, 38kb, 606x300p.

I exercise - obedience (maximum - 10 points)
II exercise - 1 disturber (figurant) (maximum - 10 points)
III exercise - 2 disturbers (maximum - 10 points)
IV exercise - 3 disturbers (maximum - 20 points)
total maximum 50 points

Ofset groupe "A", 6 dog participated (the dogs who have qualifaying already)

1Nord Praid Prohorblack russian terrierSiniak42,8
2Gloriaam.bouldogAl Jiburi36,9
4 am.staff.terrierFilin34,7
5Jinaost-european sheepKrinska22,9
-Aijingerman sheepRudich-

Ofset groupe "B", 22 dogs participated (dogs without qualifaying)

2Vetklifost-european sheepAxenova37
4Arvid v.giant schnauzerDikan'21,2
7Jaingerman sheepZaharova13,4
8  Nosova12

All other dogs receive by 0 points for one of exercise
Prize from spectators - pit boul terrier Fabio, owner Bogdanov
Prize from figurants "The dog whom figurants would not like to meet in real life" - german sheep Jain, ow.Zaharov
Prize "Most actively dog" - ost-european sheep Jina, ow.Krinska
Prize "Most young dog" - german sheep Milva, ow/Tretiakova
Prize "Best figurant" - Zaritko Gombozhapov (Moscow)

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