The Russian Ring Championship of Murmansk Area.
Apatity, Murmansk area 20.09.03

General judge of competitions - Aleksandr Mazunov (Moscow)
Judges - Anrej Blinnikov (Apatity)
          Irina Tchurikova (Kirovsk)
          Elena Kozlova (Kirovsk)
Figurants - Zorintor Gambazhanov (Moscow)
          Dmitry Kuznetsov (Moscow)
          Alexej Dyubar (Murmansk)

12 dogs participated
the weather +5 dergee C, strong wind, cover - the sand.

Irk, figurant - D.Kuznetsov, photo: Trubina, 29kb, 300x338pic.  Gilbert, figurant - D.Kuznetsov, photo: Trubina, 34kb, 300x389p.  Taison, figurant - D.Kuznetsov, photo: Trubina, 41kb, 300x385p.
figurant - D.Kuznetsov, photo: Trubina, 28kb, 319x300p.  figurant - Z.Gambazhanov, photo: Trubina, 33kb, 300x391p.  Zera, figurant - D.Kuznetsov, photo: Trubina, 35kb, 400x274p.
Dofin, figurant - D.Kuznetsov, photo: Trubina, 38kb, 300x394p.  Dofin, figurant - D.Kuznetsov, photo: Trubina, 33kb, 312x300p.  Shred, figurant - Z.Gambazhanov, photo: Trubina, 26kb, 316x300p.

Personal ofset
placedog's namebreedguid's namepointtown
2Irkgerman sheepdogLiskov33,6Kirovsk
4Zeraost-european sheepdogTasoev24,6 Montchegorsk
5Arvarench Tayangerman sheepdogBorodina16,6Apatity
7Dikgerman sheepdogAvsyanik12,3Apatity
8Har Vigel SaddobermanGavrilina9Apatity
9Kerrygerman shepardBobrovnikov7Apatity

Team ofset
Apatity96,4trainer Nikolaj Batchisha, town Apatity
Hibiny31,4trainer Andrej Blinnikov, town Apatity

Qualification was passed by 3 first dogs of personal offset (they have received more 30-st point)

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