The qualifying competition Russian Ring.
Apatity, Murmansk area 31.01.04

General judge of competitions - Irina Tchurikova (Kirovsk, RKF)
Judges - Elena Yastrebova (Apatity)
          Yana Kamalutdinova (Apatity)
          Olga Bulynia (Apatity)
Figurants - Andrej Blinnikov (Apatity)
          Nikolaj Batchisha (Apatity)
          Vladimir Vetoshkin (Apatity)

8 dogs participated
the weather -5° C, cover - the fresh snow.

One briard-female - Desimon EMMANUEL (9,5 years), the guid was Elena Kozlova.
Emmanuel, 1st exercise, the figurant - Batchischa, 400x344p, 24kb, photo: Trubina.
Emmanuel, 2nd exercise, 314x400p, the figurant - Vetoshkin, 18kb, photo: Trubina.  Emmanuel, 2nd exercise, 231x 300p, the figurant - Blinnikov, 9kb, photo: Trubina.
Emmanuel, 2nd exercise, the figurant - Blinnikov, 318x400p, 20kb, photo: Trubina.  Emmanuel, 2nd exercise, the figurant - Blinnikov, 400x307p, 19kb, photo: Trubina.
Emmanuel, 3rd exercise, the figurant - Vetoshkin, 400x363p, 24kb, photo: Trubina.  Emmanuel, 3rd exercise, figurants - Blinnikov & Batchischa, 400x333p, 24kb, photo: Trubina.
Emmanuel, 3rd exercise, figurant - Blinnikov, 400x281p, 18kb, photo: Trubina.

I exercise - obedience (maximum - 10 points)
II exercise - 1 disturber (maximum - 10 points)
III exercise - 2 disturbers (maximum - 10 points)
IV exercise - 3 disturbers (maximum - 20 points)

Personal ofset
placedog's namebreedguid's namepointstotal
3/4Tayangerman sheepdogBorodina97914,639,6

* - the dog has taken up for a line of start
** - start of the dog before commands of the judge

Qualification was passed by all dogs (they have received more 30 points)

1st exercise, 345x400p, 19kb, photo: Trubina.  1st exercise, 292x400p, 18kb, photo: Trubina.  3rd exercise, 400x261p, 20kb, photo: Trubina.
3rd exercise, 500x243p, 21kb, photo: Trubina.  3rd exercise, 400x282p, 24kb, photo: Trubina.
3rd exercise, 400x249p, 16kb, photo: Trubina.  3rd exercise, 500x322p, 30kb, photo: Trubina.

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