VII Russian Ring Championship of Russia 2004.
Moscow, 24.04.04

General judge - Alexej Brejkin (Moscow)
Judges - Andrej Ignatov (Moscow)
          Natalia Spiridonova (Moscow)
          Oleg Makarov (Moscow)
          Alexandr Shliapin (Perm')
          Pavel Kubin (Volgograd)
          Julia Karapetiants (Moscow)
          Andrej Blinnikov (Apatity)
figurants (disturbers): Sergej Markov (StPetersbourg)
          Zoritko Gombozhapov (Moscow)
          Dmitrij Shliapin (Perm')

34 dogs participated (german seep - 13, rottweilers - 5, am.staffs - 4, am.bouldogs - 3, grand schnauzers - 2, pitboul, ost-european sheep, malinois, airdale, briard - by 1)

One briard - Desimon Emmauel (9,5 years), owner and guid Jana Kamalutdinova.

Jana and Emmanuel, photo: Korepanov, 55kb, 300x450p.  Jana and Emmanuel, photo: Korepanov, 54kb, 500x219p.
Jana and Emmanuel on the start, photo: Korepanov, 32kb, 230x300p.  Emmanuel, photo: Korepanov, 35kb, 320x300p.  Emmanuel, photo: Korepanov, 33kb, 300x300p.
Teame Hibiny, photo: Korepanov, 42kb, 400x230p.  Teame Hibiny, photo: Korepanov, 63kb, 500x250p.
All participants, photo: Korepanov, 41kb, 400x230p.
Irk, photo: Korepanov, 40kb, 300x330p.  Irk, photo: Korepanov, 30kb, 300x255p.  Irk photo: Korepanov, 50kb, 400x270p.
Irk, photo: Korepanov, 40kb, 300x300p.  Irk, photo: Korepanov, 43kb, 400x275p.  Michail and Irk, photo: Korepanov, 31kb, 300x234p.
Michail and Irk, photo: Korepanov, 48kb, 600x172p.
Paramon, photo: Korepanov, 39kb, 300x300p.  Paramon, photo: Korepanov, 37kb, 400x300p.  Paramon, photo: Korepanov, 35kb, 350x300p.
Vidzhej, photo: Korepanov, 32kb, 300x330p.  Paramon, after championship, photo: Korepanov, 21kb, 300x300p.  Winner of the championship, photo: Korepanov, 50kb, 300x310p.

I exercise - obedience (maximum - 10 points)
II exercise - 1 disturber (figurant) (maximum - 10 points)
III exercise - 2 disturbers (maximum - 10 points)
IV exercise - 3 disturbers (maximum - 20 points)

Results of our teame Hibiny
Irkgerman sheepLis'kov8,25,28,216,738,3

Teames ofset:
1 - "Zelionye Gory" (Moscow) 120,8 points
2 - teame of city Podol'sk 120,5
3 - "Sokol'niki"-veterans (Moscow) 120,3
4 - "Pervomajsky" (Moscow) 118,8
5 - "Hibiny" (Murmansk area) 70,6
6 - "Sokol'niki"-juniors (Moscow) 70,4
7 - teame of city Astrahan' 39,2
8 - "RCCS" (Москва) 36,7

Personal ofset:
1 - german sheep Segun, "Zelionye Gory", 45,5 points
2 - german sheep Oman, without teame, 44
3 - german sheep Nik, Podol'sk, 43,8

All dogs, who made all exercises with success (21 dogs) receive by 32,3 points to 45,5
Complete results see here (only russian language :)

Best figurant (disturber) - Zaritko Gombozhapov (Moscow)

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