Deatnu, 18.02.07, photo: S.Kujala, 400x350p, 40kb  Deatnu, 15.07.06, photo: Riitta-Liisa Saarinen, 320x300p, 33kb  Deatnu, 19.05.06, photo: S.Kujala, 400x350p, 31kb
Deatnu, february 2006, photo: S.Kujala, 350x300p, 28kb  Deatnu, february 2006, photo: S.Kujala, 350x300p, 29kb  Deatnu, august 2005, photo: S.Kujala, 400x300p, 25kb  Deatnu, september 2005, photo: S.Kujala, 300x240p, 28kb

DEATNU du Champ d'Ardoye

European Winner 2006, North Winner 2005, Selection Finland 2006
2xCACIB, 5xCAC, HD-B/B(Fin)
father: Palko de la Forêt d'Emeraudes, SelFr, HD-A
mother: Ch.Lux Visage du Champ d'Ardoye, SelFr,Bel, HD-A
born: 5.06.04, breeder: Viviane Delaere (Belgium)
pedigree LOSH 0956915

owner: Satu Kujala, mail, mob.: +358442791499
address: Avainkimpunkatu 14, 26100 Rauma Finland

9 puppies (7f-2m, all fawn) born 22.05.07, father is VET del Conte Rissoso (HD-B, Sweden).
pedigree of the puppies is here.

Personal web-site of Nunnu and her friend Taavi.
Some information about Nunnu on Finnish.
more information about relatives see on web-sites:
le Champ d'Ardoye - Belgium
Anamma Nord - Sweden

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father, mother and grandmother:
Palko de la Foret d'Emeraudes, 24kb, 250x210p  Visage du Champ d'Ardoye, avril 2005, 300x300p, 31kb, photo: V.Delaere  Rashida du Bois d'Howis, autumn 2002, 332x380p, 41kb, photo: V.Delaere

Main show results
15/16.07.06Paimio, Finnish selection, web & webselection and ex in open clJ.Debrouwer (Fr)
10.06.06Helsinki, CACIB-show "European Winner", webEuropean Winner, Best female, CACIB, CAC, CW open, 1exG.Mansecal (Fr)
18.03.06Tampere, CACIB-show, web2ex in intermedia class, 3rd in arrangement of femalesM.Talvitie (Fin)
18.12.05Helsinki, CACIB-show "North Winner"Best female, CACIB, CAC, 1ex in intermedia cl.M.Mattfolk (Swe)

The physical data from Finnish Selection 15.07.06
height64slanting lenght73
lenght of head26 (13,5/12,5)chest in circumference75
HD-B/B (Finland, february 2006)

Briard14 (canvas, oil), © Nikolaev, 2002
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