Mökö, photo: Tikkanen, 370x300p, 25kb  Mökö, photo: Tikkanen, 400x342p, 32kb  Mökö, july 2002, photo: Tikkanen, 380x300p, 36kb  Mökö, 15.12.02, photo: Tikkanen, 300x334p, 16kb

Mökö, 4.05.03, photo: Tikkanen, 400x380p, 53kb  Mökö, 4.05.03, photo: Tikkanen, 345x400p, 49kb  Mökö, 4.05.03, photo: Tikkanen, 306x500p, 33kb  Mökö, 4.05.03, photo: Tikkanen, 282x400p, 40kb

MOUSTIQUE Noir des Quatre Plumes Noires

Interchampion, Champion of Finland and Sweden, Sel.Fr.'01
5xCACIB, 5xRCACIB, 9xBOB, 6xBOS, >30xCert
"The best showdog of Working Dog Club of Kainuu ' 2002"
BOB in show of Finnish Briardclub 2003
5.04.96 - 12.2005, HD-A/A(Fin), ERG-Ok, CSNB-clear
char.test - 20/20 (Fr), exam - JK2, BH
father: Gilerablaireau dell Nebbioso
mother: Guiness Noire des Quatre Plumes Noires
br. Marie-Claude De Marchi (Fr), ow. Minna Tikkanen (Kajaani, Finland)
The pedigree
more about relatives on the web-site les 4 Plumes Noires

The physical data
slanting lenght71,5
chest in circumference82
lenght of head27

The father of Mökö - Gilerablaireau dell Nebbioso
9.11.1991-2002, HD-B, ERG-Ok, Ch.It&Fr, Sel.It&Fr
Top briard It'97, 2xCh.ClubIt '96&'97, Best reproductor It
Br.& ow. allevammento Del Nebbioso
Gilly, photo from Polish Briard Magazin, 328x276p, 15kb

A puppies from Mökö:

*** 2.05.98, Finland, 10 black, kennel Marzan, the female: Mariell de Marque Je Joette la Joie, HD-B/C
*** 23.09.03, Finland, 9 black, kennel Smooth Breeze, the female: Smooth Breeze Serenade of Sun, HD-B
*** beginning juli 2004 in USA, Pennsylvania, kennel Brimont, 1 black female, the mother: Ch.Am&Can Chablondeaux Remlee At Brimont, the breeder Judy Withee
*** 16.03.05, also kennel Brimont, 2 black females, the mother again Chablondeaux Remlee At Brimont

Champion Mökö, © Trubina, 2002

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