Test de comportement de l'A.B.B. (version 1.04.07, french language)
The test of behaviour recommend UEBB 2003
meeting of the UEBB commission for behaviour and work 2003
Selection - results (France, Belgium, Germany since 1999)
Scheme of crop ear
X-ray pictures of briards (HD)
Grille de cotation (version 1.01.09, french language)
Movies with briards

web pedigree data bases:
Briard Pedigree Finger (not working)
Briard pedigree datenbank
Polish briard base
Russian briard base
All breeds Swedish base
All breeds Finnish base

Videos with briards, my playlist on YouTube
About the Breed (UK Briard Website)
video of herding tests and caracter tests from NE, with Darsi, Beauté and Luk
Briard books
Magazines with or about Briards
Stamps-Postcards with Briards
tools for groming of lonhaired dogs (video clips with briards)
grooming of lonhaired dogs (video clips with briards)
Illustration for Sedir 1926 (the website of le Val de l'Auguis)
Briards Past and Present: Conversations with Leading Breeders of Ellen Myers, USA, 2012.
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