The founder-ansector of the line "Mokhnatoye Tchudo"

Tara with her breeder Andrej Pshenitchnov, 400x335p, 59kb  r, 243x400p, 40kb  r
r, 316x400p, 50kb  r, 415x400p, 45kb  r, 341x400p, 51kb
ANTARIKA No Egan Ozolini
06.06.93 - 07.07.02
Ch.Russia, Ch.RKF, Ch.Club, Ch.St-Peterburg, Ch.Nord-West, 2xCh.Baltia, Dog of 1997, 3xCACIB, R.CACIB, multi-CAC&BOB&Best veteran
Viskont de Nafani x Blondi Caprize
br. Andrej Pshenitchnov, ow. Evgenia Vanyukova, St-Petersbourg
The pedigree

21.04.97 Antarika born 10 fawn puppies from ChPol. Erik Apoll Bis Sun-Flo-Wer.
In our site you can see Apollo, Agressia & Abigal.
The children of Antarika have: 17xCACIB, 1 Interchampion and 4 Champions of Russia.
The pedigree of "A" Mohnatoe Chudo.

The physical data of Antarika.
height65slanting lenght 
lenght of head26(12/14)head in circumference45
width of breast19chest in circumference77
lenght of haire30wrist in circumference12

Antarika has brother Amadine and 2 sisters: Ch.Aprikoze and Ch.Alligory. All of them lives in Sibirien.