English-Russian kynologic dictionary
Bloat (gastric dilation and volvulus) (collection of articles)
Hip and Elbow Dysplasia (collection of articles)
Gen K (dominant black) has been identified. Links about genetic - also here.
Eyes genetic diseases
Mini Sheep Game

other sites:
CANT - Certificat d'Aptitudes Naturelles Troupeaux, reglament (french language)
herding test Russian briard club (russian language)
Herding Regulations of American Kennel Club (pdf file)
HCT - Herding Capability Test of The American Herding Breed Association
Herding test and trial procedural manual: how to plan and run a herding test and trial (AKC)
Sheep Dash! (flash game)
One dog and his sheep (flash game)
Dog Autoimmune thyroiditis, J.Dodds
OFA General Thyroid Information
French judges: search for breeds, groups and work disciplines (french language)
the title Champion of France - regulations for different breeds (french language)
Dogs import and export to Eurounion: regulations, documents etc (blanks on different language in down of page in .doc and .pdf files)
European judges: search for groups, breeds and countries
How To Massage Your Dog (video with briard)
European Board of Veterinary Specialisation (EBVS)
Animal Poison Control Center - complete list of plants toxic to dogs (with pictures and descriptions)
Toxicologie Végétale Vétérinaire - about toxic plants on french
The Rabies Challenge Fund
more different articles - on russian version.
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