Zeus in Amsterdam  Zeus in Belgium  Zeus in Belgium
Zeus in Belgium  Zeus in Belgium  Zeus in Belgium
ZEUS de Albaycan
Champion of World (WW ' 02 Amsterdam)
Champion of Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar, Sel. Fr, Spa, Bel
2 x Champion of Spanish BriardClub
27xCAC, 36xCACIB, 33xBOB, 17xBOG, 4xRBIS, 3xBIS
UEBB-show ' 02: 2Ex, Lux.Briadshow ' 02: 3Ex
National Elevage de France ' 01: 3Ex, ' 02: 3Ex
Championship of France ' 01: 2Ex
WW ' 00 Milano: 3Ex, WW ' 01 Porto: 4Ex, WW ' 02 Amsterdam: BOB
b.18.10.98, HD-A/A, ERG-Ok, char-19/20
br. & ow. Trini & Manolo Carbera Barcia (Granada, Spain)
Zeus is the briard most prized in Spanish briard history and the only briard used as stud male by foreign breeders.

The pedigree of Zeus
Ch.Varon Valente de Dasilva Ubay de Paradais Bresil des Carrieres Noires
Cana Tinko
Denia de Cesaraugusta
Bruma Pinocho D'Artagnan
Espiga-Dorada de los Laureles Tomasin
Neiga de Los Laureles

The physical data
slanting lenght72
chest in circumference85,5
lenght of head27

This is sister of Zeus - Ch.Coconut de Albaycan SelBelFr (ChWorld Indy Blond de la Tour StJenin x Bruma), and daughter of Zeus - best baby in Bel.Sel' 02 Artica de los Niegos (by ChWorld Jordana de los Niegos)
Coconut de Albaycan  Artica de los Niegos

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