Till, 11months, 03.10.03, photo: Trubina, 288x300p, 29kb  Till, 11 months, 03.10.03, photo: Trubina, 286x300p, 26kb  Till, 11 months, 03.10.03, photo: Trubina, 236x350p, 25kb

TILL de la Chaume du Bois Dieu

5xCAC, Young Champion of Russia
father: Ch.Ger. Bingo de la Cruche d'Argile, Sel.Fr
mother: Ch.Fr. Just for Fun des Pitr'Engoele, Sel.Fr
24.10.02 - 23.05.12
br. Corinne DeBrouwer, ow. Elena & Sergey Filonow, StPetersbourg
The pedigree
see also the photoalboom Till, Common, Cats, People

more information about parents see on web-site of kennel la Chaume du Bois Dieu

dateshowresultjudgekm to home
20.04.03StPeterburg, regional CACBest baby-male, CW, 1VPKuplyauskas (Rus)-
26.04.03StPeterburg, CACIBBest puppy, CW, 1VPGladstone (USA)-
8.06.03Moscow, national briardshowBest puppy-male, CW, 1VPJanes (Aus)600
28.06.03StPeterburg, CACIB "White Nights"BIP-3, Best puppy, CW, 1VPMach (Switz), Brempt (Belg)-
14.09.03StPeterburg, reg CACBest junior, CWKuplyauskas (Rus)-
20.09.03StPeterburg, reg CACBIJ-3, Best junior, CWHanniste (Est), Alen (Fin)-
03.10.03Bratislava (Slovakia), European Winnervg in junior-classMuthsam (Ger)1900
04.10.03Bratislava, UEBB-show5vg in junior-classDillies (Fr)1900
22.11.03StPeterburg, show IKUBIJ, Best junior, CW, 1Ex, CACIB-IKU, CAC-IKUN.Brampton (Engl), A.Cutter (Engl)-
23.11.03StPeterburg, nat CACBIJ-2, Best junior, CW, CAJC, 1ExIvanicheva (Rus)-
23.11.03StPeterburg, regional briardshowBest junior, CW, 1ExHomasuridze (Rus)-
30.11.03StPeterburg, nat CACBest junior, CW, CAJC, 1ExRedlizki (Pol)-
14.12.03StPeterburg, CACIB "Nevsky Winner"Best junior, CW, CAJC, 1ExErusalimsky (Rus)-
24.01.04StPeterburg, nat CACBOB, CW, CAC, 1Ex, Champion of Russian Federation of Utility DogsAlexandrov (Rus)-
27.03.04StPeterburg, nat CACBIG-3, BOB, CW, CAC, 1Ex, Champion of Association of Independent Dogs Organizations of RussiaSnavarache (Rom)-
4.04.04StPeterburg, reg CACBIS-3, BIG, BOB, CW, CAC, 1ExTrifonova (Rus)-
4.04.04StPeterburg, reg CACBIS-2, BIG, BOB, CW, CAC, 1ExKuleshova (Rus)-
11.04.04StPeterburg, nat CACBest male, CAC, CW, 1exDruzhinina (Rus)-

The physical data (11 months)
height67slanting lenght77
lenght of head27head in circumference49
width of breast19chest in circumference77
wrist in circumference12weight43

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