Ozzy, July 08, photo: Razina, 400x320p, 38kb  Ozzy, may 08, photo: Razina, 400x350p, 40kb  Ozzy, May 08, photo: Razina, 400x340p, 40kb

Ozzy, feb 2008, photo: Razina, 350x300p, 16kb  Ozzy, feb 2008, photo: Razina, 350x300p, 14kb

Ozzy, 4 months, photo: Jaana Laumola, 450x330p, 40kb  Ozzy, 4 months, photo: Jaana Laumola, 350x300p, 37kb  Ozzy, 4.07.07, photo: Razina, 400x300p, 35kb

Cartier Monzerat PROSPER

father: Ch.Nor,Dk Cartier Monzerat Hocky, SelBel,Fr, HD-A
mother: Ch.Nor,Dk Cartier Monzerat Sarah
breeder: Jaana Laumola (Sweden)
owner: Evguenia Razina, Pskov, e-mail
born 27.12.06, pedigree S15190/2007

dateshowresultjudgekm to home
19.05.07Moscow, national show of BriardclubBest baby-male, CW, 1v.p.J.DeBrouwer (Fra)690
10.06.07Pskov, CAC-showBest baby, CW, 1v.p.Kozhevnikova (Rus)-
17.06.07Veliky Novgorod, CAC-showBest baby, CW, 1v.p.Nik.Sedykh (Rus)260
17.06.07Veliky Novgorod, CAC-showBiB-3, Best baby, CW, 1v.p.Ostrovska (Rus)260
6.10.07Pskov, CAC-showBest junior, JCAC, CW, 1excRakhmanina (Rus)-
21.10.07Novopolotsk - Byelorus, CAC-showBIG-4, BOB, Best junior, JCAC, CW, 1excBulevik (Bye)250
4.11.07Tartu - Estonia, CACIB-showBest junior, JCAC, CW, 1exc (4th in best male)Barbara Muller (Swi)125
23.02.08Moscow, CACIB-show "Eurasia-1"2exc in junior clAndras Korozs (Hun)690
24.02.08Moscow, CACIB-show "Eurasia-2"2exc in junior clBeata Pitkevic (Lat)690
3.05.08Pskov, CAC-showv.g.Tchumakina (Bye)-
22.05.08Veliky Novgorod, show of Briardclubv.g. (interm.cl.)Marianne Holm (Fin)260

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Cartier Monzerat
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